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Why are the VMAs Still Around?

The MTV Video Music Awards was on this weekend and it was a train wreck. I don’t understand why MTV still has an award show for music videos when they do not even play them anymore. I guess the show really isn’t about honoring the best videos anymore, but more about how extreme they can… Read more »

Electric vs Acoustic Violins: A Beginner’s Guide

Electric or acoustic, that is the question. Deciding whether to buy yourself a traditional wooden violin or to invest in an electric model can be difficult. To some extent, your choice will hinge on the style of music you want to focus on. Many classical and folk musicians prefer conventional designs, while jazz and rock… Read more »

August 23, 2015

Taylor Swift & Her Hot Besties

Taylor Swift is one of the biggest stars at the moment. The 25-year-old singer is sexy and talented. But she also has a group of friends that are also smoking hot. Swift and her girls may be the hottest group of friends around. Taylor Swift The 25-year-old is a singer and songwriter and looks better… Read more »

August 15, 2015