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…Chicks Love That

Order for your date at the Macaroni Grill… Chicks love that Leave an unopened box of Plan B on your dresser… Chicks loves that Replace her bookmark with a polaroid of your naked junk… Chicks love that Axe body spray applied directly to your scrotum… Chicks love that Point out when she finishes a large… Read more »

Signs You’re Getting Old

Getting older is a universal fear among the 20-something population. Unfortunately, there’s no fighting Father Time on this one. The signs you’re evolving into a Werther’s Original addict who enjoys the occasional Tom Clancy novel are all around you.

Why You’re Boring

If you find yourself saying “I’m bored” more times than not, feel stuck, or have difficulty doing anything, this article is for you. 1. You post everything of any interest to the internet. Everyone is always posting about their projects, parties, every sketch, every batch of cookies–people basically share every single thing they do, as… Read more »