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Turning your Shed into a Cracking Retreat

Do you ever stare at your shed and feel a pinch of jealousy towards your lawnmower? There it sits in perfect peace and quiet as you’re surrounded by the kids and their annoying friends bouncing off the walls. Why should your lawnmower have all the fun? Here’s a guide to turning the shed into a… Read more »

Tips on Packing for Your Move

There’s no denying that moving homes can be stressful. But the stress associated with a move can be significantly reduced if you pack effectively. Whether you are moving belongings into a storage facility like Fort Knox Storage or directly to a new home, it’s important to be organised and have all the supplies that you… Read more »

Making Your Own Bar a Reality

There comes a time in every man’s life where he imagines opening his own bar, often over a few pints among friends. While this entrepreneurial dream typically amounts to no more than a hill of beans, a handful of people are committed to the seemingly impossible. So the question remains, how does one open their… Read more »

Hard Work Changed My Life

I’ve always considered myself a hard working individual. At the ripe age of twelve I landed my first real gig – I organized a lawn care service that spanned several blocks in the neighborhood. A few years later I found myself working as a cashier at a coffee house where I quickly worked my way… Read more »

Advice on Better Sleep From a Former Insomniac

I love sleep but I’m not convinced it loves me back. I have a lot of restless nights – I get too hot under the covers, I start thinking about what I have to do tomorrow, or I just completely ruined my sleep schedule over the weekend and my body needs to readjust. My exhaustion… Read more »