The Sun and Your Health

The sun’s energy fueled the evolution of life on Earth: Without the sun’s light and warmth, there would be no trees, no animals, and certainly none of us! Every day, the sun remains essential to the survival, health, and wellbeing of creatures all over the planet. We human beings are no exception, and a greater understanding of the sun’s role in our lives can make us happier and healthier people.

The Sun and Your Beauty

It’s no secret that the sun and beauty go hand in hand. But be careful, the sun’s rays can be damaging to your skin.

You should wear sunscreen, explain the experts at LUMASOL. And sunscreen isn’t just for days at the beach. According to skincare experts, applying sun lotion should be a daily ritual. The reason that you need to use SPF protection every single day, all year long is that sunburns can strike in just minutes—and the day doesn’t need to be particularly warm or sunny for you to get burned.

By all means, enjoy the sun! Just be sure to protect yourself with SPF cream. Apply it after you wash your face and apply moisturizer, then wash it off every evening before you go to bed. Don’t forget vulnerable areas like the part of your chest that your shirt or swimsuit doesn’t cover.

The Sun and Your Body

The sun is good for you! Getting out in the sun has physical health benefits, experts say. The connections between time spent outdoors and healthy exercise regimens are obvious, but some studies suggest that there are physical health benefits to the time you spend outdoors even if you don’t move around much. Getting out in the sun is the first step toward a healthier life. It could help you deal with everything from chronic pain to low energy levels.

That may have something to do with the fact that time outdoors in the sun is great for your mental health, too—which brings us to our next section.

The Sun and Your Mind

The sun has been a part of human life since the start, and nothing that has happened over the years has changed our reliance on our nearest star. To maintain your mental health, you’ll need to maintain a great relationship with the sun.

That means getting out in the sunshine sometimes. The sun helps your body metabolize Vitamin D, which can elevate your mood. Getting outside isn’t always easy in urban settings, explain therapists in Baltimore who specialize in talk therapy, but it is possible. Make time outside a part of your busy routine. Remember, your mental health needs to be a priority: Without a solid foundation in mental health, your other priorities and responsibilities would soon suffer. So make time to get outside!

This doesn’t mean that you should skip therapy, of course: Cognitive behavioral therapy and other forms of therapy are very important to your mental health. Seek to balance a healthy lifestyle with care from professionals who specialize in mental health. Only pros have the extensive training it takes to tackle mental health issues like ADHD, low self-esteem, and mood disorders. As with any other aspect of your health, your mental state demands the attention of a doctor.

Still, even the right therapist isn’t going to solve all of your problems at once. They’ll need you to step up and take responsibility for your own wellness, too. One positive change that you can make your own life is to improve your healthy relationship with the bright and beautiful sun.