Since when did movies become all about the money

Hollywood was always about the money, and we all knew that. But, in the old ages, you could still see some quality movies and fantastic, talented actors. And then, it all just spiraled down, and that’s it. If you’re also interested in this topic, then stick around. Here, we’ll be talking about the declining quality of movies, and why did that happen. There’s a reason, and we’re determined to get to the bottom of it today. So, stay with us, prepare, and let’s begin! 

Before, back in the old days, we had tons of good movies — all those science-fiction hits, like Star Wars, Star Trek, and similar other things. Then you have thriller movies and movies about the mafia, like The Godfather and its respective sequels. These movies were so good that The Godfather 2 is still the only sequel ever to win an Oscar award. And that means something? So, what went wrong here? Did people lose all of their attention when they started using adult sex games? Or did Hollywood become insanely greedy? Hmm, the second option sounds way more realistic. And there’s an easy way to prove it! Just look at the state of movies now, and tell us what do you see? That’s right! Sequels, reboots, and remasters. And what does that mean? It just means that Hollywood is so out of ideas that they’ll reboot anything just to get some quick cash. But, we have to correct ourselves. Hollywood isn’t the only place that’s at fault here. It’s the whole film industry. It just became so easy to produce new sequels and reboots of old things, since those were massive successes. Look at Marvel movies, and everything will suddenly become clear. What they’re doing is pretty obvious. Which leads us all to a specific question – since when did the movie industry become too scared to try new things? Are they really content with just producing sequels cause that’s what’s popular now? We know that it’s easy money, that’s an undeniable fact. But after a while, it’s going to become boring. Look at all the Marvel superhero movies. At first, they were entertaining, refreshing, and unique. Now they’re boring, repetitive, and utterly unimpressive. Oh, Iron Man died? Nobody cares. People want to see something original! We can’t believe that even online sex games authors have more nuts than Hollywood these days. Look at all those disasters. For example, that Ghostbusters movie that came out a while ago. Why would you take an old classic that works, and then turn it into an abomination? People weren’t mad because all the actors were women, no. They were mad because the whole movie generally sucked, and you can’t change that fact. So, the best advice for the film industry would be to find some new and original ideas and to try and roll with them. People will appreciate the originality coming back, and they’ll be anxious and angry for more things. And that’s the point — innovation plus money, not only the financial aspect on its own.