How To Become An Instagram Model

Remember when you were young and wanted to become a model? You were constantly discouraged from the idea because of how hard it would be to break through. There would be lots of travel, expense and rejection.

Social media has disrupted many traditional industries, but none more so than the model and fashion world. With the right camera, or at least the right filter, the right clothes, a beautiful backdrop and attitude and you can become a model on your own terms.

Take your show on the road and hit instagrammable places like Italy for the perfect backdrop to your pictures and make a name for yourself.

After a while you’ll be paid to post pictures. How? Well, follow these tips and become an Instagram model yourself. 

The right clothes

A model is not just there to show off a great body. The whole point is to look good in the right clothes. Sure, you could find some success in jeans and a t-shirt if you have the right attitude working, but you’ll find sponsors much easier when you are more fashionable.

Dress for the season by wearing some sundresses by Alexis for spring and summer. In the winter bundle up with some stylish scarves and gloves. And at the beach get your bikini ready.

Dress for your body style. Don’t try to wear things that work on skinny girls if you are curvy and vice versa.

Engage with your audience

One of the reasons that Instagram is such a popular platform is that it makes communicating with like minded people very easy.

The more accessible you are, the more likely you will develop a dedicated following. 

Sponsors are looking more at your engagement than your subscribers these days. There are bots that can be used to inflate the number of followers you have and sponsors understand this. When they see how your posts are commented on then that will make them pay attention.

Connect to other media

To really build up your presence on Instagram, you need to be bringing people to your page from other areas. Youtube is a natural fit for this as you can do long form content that then links to your Instagram to build your following.

Having a website is also a great way to funnel people to your Instagram. And on your site, you can also link to products and services and receive a commission instead of waiting for sponsors. This is called affiliate marketing and can make you a lot of money.

Find a niche

There are so many models on Instagram right now that it is hard to break through if you don’t have a niche to focus on.

If you are curvy then make sure you promote your page as such to attract other girls like you. If you have kind of a punk rock aesthetic then go wth that instead of changing it up.

The more narrow your focus the better as you can find your ideal audience easier.