Which Resources Do You Need to Unleash the Inner Geek?

If you think about it, it’s pretty difficult to find anyone who isn’t interested in modern gizmos nowadays, but if you have the brain to make some of your own gadgets, or code designs, you are a geek for all the good reasons!

Even then, in order to unleash the inner geek, you will need a bunch of software and hardware resources, which we are going to discuss next.

A PCB Designer Software

Starting from the simple LED bulb, to the complex automation chips which are powering experimental self-driving cars for Tesla, they all have one or more printed circuit boards inside them.

Therefore, whether you have plans to build a mechanical keyboard as a pet project over the weekends, or you want to explore interconnected, rigid-flex PCB assemblies for their potential, industrial applications, you will need a highly capable PCB designer.

Just in case you are really interested in the more complex rigid-flex PCB designs that have wide usage in smartphones, tablets, fitness bands and even pacemakers, the Altium flex stackup manager comes highly recommended due to its intuitive design, automated guidance features and comprehensive customization options.

Video Rendering

Before you even think about progressing down this path, ensure that you have a PC that’s capable of rendering the videos in the resolution that you want them to be rendered.

Video editing is not the same as video rendering, so capable as your gaming laptop may be in some regards, you will need a fully-fledged, overpowered, CPU-heavy computer to render videos in 4K. It’s one of the most taxing processes in existence for a computer to handle even today, as it tries to render a video from coded information alone.

Even if you are not interested in video rendering, this PC will be the build that will easily handle any and all tasks that you can possibly throw at it. Not to mention, rendering PCs are also gaming beasts!

Access to a Wide Range of Coding Resources

Given that you are reading this, we are guessing that you have a basic understanding of core coding languages like Java and C++. Even if you don’t, consider taking a crash course on coding, because it will open up career paths and creative opportunities that you don’t even realize you have right now.

On the other hand, a wide library of coding resources is a must have for anyone who knows how to code, even if that knowledge is basic. Get connected to a library of coding resources and you will gain abilities to realize your visions.

For those that may find this list to be lacking, then that’s to be expected. After all, the need for resources will vary in accordance with the kind of projects that you are interested in. Even then, the list above has tools with wide applications across a number of sectors, and it is highly unlikely that you won’t need them in some project or another!