When Durability Meets Practicality: 8 Key Advantages of Aluminum Roll-Up Doors

Aluminum roll-up doors are a very good solution for commercial service trucks, emergency vehicles, fire trucks, and more. They are also the answer for store fronts in malls, retail kiosks, and more. Roll-up doors are there when they are needed for security and out of the way when they are not needed.

Convenient Protection and Access to Storage and Equipment Compartments

There are many commercial work trucks, fire trucks, and emergency vehicles that need a flat vertical profile when moving. But they need equipment stored conveniently for quick access. Easy access compartments along the sides of the trucks are a good solution. These compartments need secure doors that are also fast and easy to open as the need arises. Aluminum roll-up doors have four advantages for this use.

The first advantage is that they are made of double-sided aluminum extrusions that are very strong. This offers added security.

They are designed for outside use and for easy maintenance. There is a choice of custom paint or anodized aluminum finish.

They give smooth, simple operation with a spring-loaded roller take-up and strong stainless-steel handle. Damage from swing-out doors is eliminated.

The roll-up doors come with small take-up roller to allow the most use of compartments and a large choice of sizes. It is a very real advantage to have a strong door that rolls completely out of the way at the top of the compartment when equipment is needed

Aluminum Roll-up doors for Storefronts and Kiosks

Shopping malls, airports, and other commercial buildings have store fronts along long hallways. They may also have multiple kiosks located in the middle of spaces and hallways. All these businesses need to be open to customers during business hours but securely closed when they are not open. Aluminum roll-up doors offer the ideal solution. Storage facilities are another place that can benefit from strong, secure aluminum roll-up doors. Four advantages of using roll-up aluminum doors might be:

Security. Strong aluminum roll-up doors reduce the risk of damage, vandalism, theft, and fire. Aluminum roll-up doors are lightweight and easy to open and close for security. Power locks should be available and installed properly on each door.

Attractive durability. Aluminum roll-up doors are strong and hard to damage. Manual or powered lock options are made to last. They have strong weather resistant finishes such as anodized aluminum finish or custom painted finishes that protect the metal and are chip resistant and weatherproof.

Easy, smooth operation. These roll-up doors are easy for employees to open at the beginning of the day or close and secure at the end of the day. The design eliminates hang ups and insures quiet operation.

Aluminum roll-up doors are simple to install and to repair. The installation can be quickly accomplished by workers. The business owner can choose from multiple one-piece rail models. These rails can come pre drilled. The parts can be replaced if they are damaged. The aluminum extrusions can be replaced individually without taking the whole door apart by simply removing push out clips on the ends.

Look for Quality and Made in America Products

The best quality aluminum roll-up doors are made in the U.S.A. They have warranty protections. The roll-up doors for vehicle compartments should have custom paint options that make it possible to exactly match the vehicle they will be installed on.  A stainless-steel lift bar at the bottom edge with clearance for easy grip makes these doors easier for employees to open and close.

Aluminum roll-up doors that will be used on outdoor installations should be designed and built to offer protection against leaking. A G-Rib design with a polyurethane seal resting against the following rib can create a watertight seal. When the door is closed, it should be leak proof.

The roll-up doors should also be resistant to UV damage and able to withstand the hottest or coldest temperatures.

In addition to great quality and easy installation, a business owner should be able to rely on dependable customer support. The manufacturer should have a large knowledgeable technical support team. The manufacturer of the aluminum roll-up doors should offer replacement parts, related products, and accessories. There should be a product catalog available on request.

One accessory that could be very useful is LED compartment lighting so, if the vehicle is being used after dark, the person getting equipment can see all the equipment clearly, saving time and frustration during emergencies.

Another related product for fire trucks using aluminum roll-up doors is the hose bed cover. This cover is retractable and can be walked on. They are made with a Steelflex metal cover that is paired with a special take-up system. They are better than a tarp because they keep fire hoses in place in the storage compartment and this cover can be walked on. These hose bed covers can be rolled up manually, have a low profile and are easy to open and close. When ordering these, you must provide accurate width, length. and depth measurements.

When you are considering purchasing an aluminum roll-up door or doors, contact the manufacturer and request a list of representatives or suppliers in your area. They should be willing to send out a representative to provide a product and installation quote. There may be several models or qualities of doors to choose from. The customer’s budget and location might guide the door selection.

It is important to measure carefully to order a perfect fitting door for every opening. Aluminum roll-up doors depend on the correct fit and careful installation to operate properly. The manufacturer should provide a detailed, easy-to-follow installation manual.

When aluminum roll-up doors are used for work vehicle compartments, kiosks, or store fronts, they can be a practical and durable solution to security needs. Aluminum is lighter than steel or other material choices while being strong and durable. Roll-up doors are popular because they don’t take up space when they are open. The overhead storage of the door keeps it out of the way yet readily available when needed.