What’s New With Clover 2?

Are you ready to upgrade your POS system? As technology continues to advance, outdated POS systems can be unresponsive, slow and offer too few additional features. Enjoy the latest advancements in payment processing, time sheet management and detailed reporting today by checking out the New Clover.

Custom Rewards Options

The Clover software system now offers a fun and customizable rewards program for your customers. Create an easy sign-up system using Perka and other existing rewards programs. Change the rewards on a weekly basis or set up a great way to earn points, free items or great discounts to create loyal, life-long customers.

If you already have a rewards program in place, Clover makes it easy to integrate it with your new POS system. Otherwise, start a program that isn’t intrusive and offers your customers an easy way to start saving money and enjoy promotional items or discounts immediately.

Convenient Gift Card Program

Gift cards are a great option for the holidays, birthdays or any other event throughout the year. If your business isn’t offering gift cards for your restaurant, coffee shop or retail store, you’re missing out on plenty of gift sales. Clover offers plastic and digital gift cards for convenient gift ideas for your customers.

Fast and Flexible Payment Options

Thanks to the latest technology and features of Clover software, your customers can now use a wide range of payment options. Contactless payment, EMV chip cards and mobile payment options can all be used safely through your Clover system.

Clover 2 streamlines the process with a touchscreen, locked cash drawer and receipt printer. Processing payments is extremely fast and secure, which reduces lines in even the busiest storefronts.

Innovative Time Sheet Management

Your employees deserve an easy, secure way to track their time sheets. If there’s a mistake or you need to adjust the time sheet for any other reason, Clover 2 offers a convenient way to manage your entire business’ time cards.

Manage your time sheets from one convenient location, whether you’re at home or at your store. Connect your personal device with your Clover software for complete access to all your business information in one secure location.

Personalized POS Display

You may be hesitant to switch POS systems due to the additional investment of employee training. Larger businesses in particular need to invest significant time and energy into training customers on new POS systems.

With the Clover 2, you can custom the touchscreen POS display to fit your business model. Tailor your new display to mirror your existing one or create a more intuitive alternative to reduce training time and assist your employees in quickly learning and operating your new POS system.

Try the Clover 2 at Your LocationFind out what you’re missing by trying out the Clover 2 today. Unlike older POS systems, Clover systems are available at reduced prices with no contractual commitment. Search for a leading merchant account provider to find out how you can save by switching to a Clover Station for your business location. From busy retail stores to intimate cafes, your business deserves safe, secure ordering and time card management.