Timeless Trends Every Mans Wardrobe Should Have

While some fashion trends are only good for a season, there are others that will likely never die out. Rather than spending a small fortune on items that will be out-dated within a few months, opting for practical timeless trends is a sure way to stay on top of your look year after year. Even though men’s fashion is somewhat formulaic as the general rules hardly sway, it can still be quite challenging to pull off some of the more recently trending clothing combos without compromising comfort. Including these timeless trending items in your wardrobe will ensure you are absolutely always looking your best regardless of the occasion. 

Light-Wash/ Dark-Wash Denim Jeans

There’s no denying that denim jeans will always be fashionable as one of the most timeless trends of all time. However, while many men may opt for dark-wash denim, a light-wash alternative is notably more trendy. Lighter shades of denim are just as versatile as darker shades, and it would be recommended to opt for a pair that fits well as loose-fitting jeans are a fashion blunder best avoided. Including both shades in your wardrobe is a fantastic idea considering dark-wash denim would be ideal for a smart-casual look when paired with a crisp button shirt, while a perfectly fitted pair of light-wash denim would be ideal for a trendy casual look.

Formal Black Tie

Even if your career choice does not require you to dress formal, every man should have at least one black tie. A smart black tie is absolutely essential for the occasional invite to an evening wedding and other elegant events and there are countless options out there for the modern man. Depending on how versatile you would like your selection of black ties to be, you could even consider a trendy pattern, although, a plain tie is most suitable when opting for timeless trends. 

Vintage Watches

Vintage will always be trending, which is why every man needs at least one vintage watch to be worn as the ultimate accessory. Rather than lining up candidate sling bags that may seem a bit intimidating considering just how recently sling bags have become popular, a simple vintage watch will keep you up to date with the trends for years to come.


Every man should have a variety of chinos, considering they are practically just as versatile as denim jeans. In addition to this, chinos will also never go out of fashion as a timeless trend. Pairing chinos with a classic sweater or a golf shirt is perfect for business-casual, although, it would be wise to ensure your choice of shoes compliments your look perfectly.

Plain T-Shirts

Plain white and grey t-shirts have been a staple in every man’s wardrobe for decades already. While printed shirts change with the trends, you will never go wrong with a couple of plain well-fitted choices to dress down on weekends. There are a few different types of shirts that every man should have and basic t-shirts are one of them. When purchasing t-shirts it is highly recommended to avoid opting for oversized fits as this will essentially look scruffy and unfavorable.