Lowell Cafe is the First Legal Cannabis Restaurant in the United States

While people might be familiar with food that might be served at a cannabis dispensary, there is something different about going to a cannabis restaurant. As the country has moved to legalize marijuana, particularly in the state of California, the cannabis industry is pushing the limits and trying to innovate the industry. One example comes from Lowell Farms. While this cannabis producer might be known for their all-natural, sustainable, high-quality CBD products, they are also set to open the country’s first (legal) cannabis restaurant. Called Lowell Café, this restaurant is poised to open a new frontier in the cannabis industry.

An Exciting New Cannabis Restaurant for the Great Los Angeles Area

The cannabis café being opened by Lowell Farms might have been somewhat of a mystery to consumers; however, the excitement is still there. The reservations for the first 30 days of Lowell Café sold out within a few hours of becoming available. On the other hand, consumers might also be surprised to know that there aren’t any cannabis items on the food menu at Lowell Café. Instead, the emphasis is on high-quality, delicious food that is meant to emphasize or bring out the flavors of the brilliant cannabis products sold by Lowell Farms. There are no cannabis-infused items on the menu at Lowell Café.

Largely, this is due to the state regulations in California and the restrictive laws employed by West Hollywood. In order to get the café to open at all, the business had to become creative and separate Lowell Farms and Lowell Café. While customers are unlikely to notice any changes with their favorite cannabis producer, they are flocking with excitement to the first cannabis restaurant in the region.

Exceptional Dishes Produced at Lowell Café

The menu at Lowell Café is going to include unique and delicious food items that are meant to complement the cannabis products from Lowell Farms. Some of the items on the menu include crispy Brussel sprouts, white bean hummus, grilled peaches and burrata, and even a fried crispy chicken sandwich.

Of course, no cannabis restaurant would be complete with some delicious dessert items as well. There will be candied bacon, caramel popcorn, Thai chili almonds, crème brulée, smores, and even sweet potato beignets. 

Finally, these dishes are also able to be paired with a variety of delicious wines on the menu. The goal is to bring out the aromatic compounds that exist in the flowers of the cannabis plant. These dishes should work well with the aromatic compounds in the cannabis plant to enhance the flavors of both. The goal is to provide everyone with a unique experience that they can enjoy with their family members and friends.

A Menu Served by Award-Winning Chef Andrea Drummer

The dream of Lowell Café would not be possible without their award-winning chef Andrea Drummer. She has become globally known for her culinary talents and has even starred in the Netflix series titled “Cooking on High.” She has experience working with cannabis in the past and is bringing this experience to bear for Lowell Café.

While many people are reluctant to mix cannabis and alcohol, she has done this in the past with success. She is using this experience to craft a delicious menu for Lowell Café. Her goal is to improve upon her talents in the cannabis industry through the menu of Lowell Café, generously sharing her talents with each and every customer who comes through the door. She is also an author, publishing two cookbooks, and has been open about how her life experience influence her culinary style.