The meaning of home will be different to each person but we all want it to be a place we can relax and escape from situations that leave us feeling anxious and stressed. Making your home a stress free environment is a big ask but there are simple interior design changes you can make that can help reduce stress. Within this post, we are focusing on colours that can help create a calming and relaxing environment.

Grey – it’s on trend

To some grey isn’t a colour associated with happy thoughts and calm situations but instead it represents dull days and rain clouds. However, it is a great colour to add to almost any palette –if you find the right shade – a light grey paired with a pastel shade can brighten any room and bring it into the 21st century.

It is a popular colour for bedrooms especially when incorporated using soft furnishings such as bedding, as the below image from Julian Charles indicates.

Blue – It’s A Classic

Representing sunny days and the ocean, this colour is soothing and can assist with relaxing the mind. This is a colour with several qualities, as you may be aware blue is the colour many social networks use this is because we relate blue to trust and it calms us so we are more willing to be social. Therefore, if it works in our digital lives why not incorporate it into our real lives, making our homes a relaxing space.

Green – It’s All About Nature

This may not be everyone’s first choice but this colour reminds us of nature. When we see this colour sub consciously, we breathe slower and act calmer as a result, as we relate this to relaxing walks, and summer days as a child.

Of course, the shade of which we choice is vitally important as some greens can be dominating. A pastel shade may work best, along with a nice light grey or white shade to break up this dominate colour.

Yellow – It’s About to get Sunny

Think pastel shades, not bright yellow that hurts the eyes! This could take you back to warm sunny days on the beach. This shade is used in children’s nurseries to encourage imagination and relaxation, resulting in calm yet imaginative play.

White – It’s Almost Transparent

Although hard to keep clean (especially with children), white is a clinical colour and can make your home appear extremely clean and tidy. This is perfect for those who like things to look and feel clean all day long. It is best to combine white with other colours, whether that’s through painting or furnishings. One thing is for sure; white is a key shade to add to your palette to encourage calm surroundings.

If you have any tips for a calming colour scheme around the home let us know using the hashtag #ColourYourPersonality