The Best Budget Track Day Cars

Even if you are just testing the water or if you have decided you are going to take it up as a career, track driving offers an abundance of fun and excitement. But if you are on a tight budget, it can be exhausting trying to find a car that is fit enough to withstand the tracks. Read on to find out what cars are on offer for a minimum budget!

Mazda MX5

Despite being practically bulletproof, the MX5 is cheap and reliable too. There are plenty of mods to choose from, but more importantly, it comes with rear wheel drive – perfect for the tracks! Mazda’s MX5 is a brilliant motor to learn car handling and the ropes of a track day, and with it being a very versatile track car, it’s super fun for the corners. When (and if) driven properly, the MX5 can keep up with cars in a higher price range.

Honda Civic Type R

Originating as a practical family motor, Honda revamped the Civic hatch to be able to withstand pressure on track days, at high speed. Because of the transformation, the Type R track car was brought into fashion, making it amongst the best for those with a strict budget. It has proven to be one of the nicest looking motor race cars, and it can be modified for little cost, and it’s easy to work on. In the right hands, the Honda Civic Type R is quick enough.

BMW E36 M3

Like every other BMW vehicle, the E36 M3 is widely desirable and incredible to drive, making it popular as a track day car. Since BMW needed to set it apart from the ordinary motors in the company’s fleet, the E36 M3 is available as a stripped race spec. It feels fast enough and is fun to manipulate in the corners of the track. You’d be wrong to say it’s not a bargain for an aspirated track car.

Renault Clio 172/182

Don’t be fooled. Renault has two kinds of Clio, but the one on this list is one is far better suited to the track – it’d be wasted on an ordinary road. Although the 172/182 is front wheel drive, they are comparatively fast in the right hands. Essentially, it’s down to the way you compete against others on the day, and if you’re in it to break a record, then you’d be surprised what this model is capable of! Picking one of them up yourself shouldn’t be that much of a hassle and you can usually find them for at least £7,595 or thereabout.

Mini Cooper Race Car

Though it’s the bare minimum for a Mini Cooper, the saying is ‘the more basic, the better’, which in this case, is more than fitting. This car has all the required modifications for it to be eligible for class races, and for a cheap track day toy, it’s quite perfect! Not to mention that racing Minis aren’t too big a job to look after.