How to Save Money on a High-End Acoustic Guitar

ou’re at the stage in your guitar-playing life where you feel you’re ready to take a step up and get yourself a top-tier acoustic guitar. You’ve made the decision to invest in a high-quality instrument that you know will serve you for many years and sounds better as its wood ages.

You even have a couple of models in mind: the Taylor 814ce and the Martin D-28, both of which retail at above the $3000 mark. Your entire being is ready to make the final call. Unfortunately, your wallet isn’t quite ready yet, and you’re a few hundred dollars short. What to do?

Well, you don’t really have to wait to earn more money to buy your dream guitar now. You can actually spend less – and therefore save money – on a high-end acoustic. Here are some great ideas how.

Buy used

There are plenty of secondhand acoustic guitars that are sold in stores for a lot less than new ones. Many of these guitars are from musicians who may have realized they were looking for something else, so they traded them in for another model. Other used guitars are those sold by people who need the cash to fund a bigger purchase. Whatever the case, when you buy used you would be getting the same guitar you’ve been eyeing but at a lower price.

Negotiate the price of a display guitar

If you’re buying in a physical music store, you can negotiate the price of the guitar that’s on display. You can justify that a lot of people have surely tried it out, perhaps even so much that it can qualify as a used item. The guitar may have a few scratches here and there, but since it’s been played consistently we’re pretty certain it would sound even better, as high-end solid-top acoustics tend to do over time.

Look for online deals

You can get fantastic discounts on guitars online through promos and coupon codes. Some stores even have one-off flash sales where you can score a great deal on a top-tier acoustic.

Browse music forums

Online forums are also a great place to find pre-loved high-end guitars that are being sold for a lot less than their original retail price. What’s great about these online communities is you can communicate directly with the seller and even get to know the history of the guitar before you buy it. There’s also a good chance the seller may throw in a couple of accessories like an extra set of strings to go with the purchase.

Consider open-box and factory refurbs

Another cool way to get high-end guitars for less is to buy one that was returned to the store. These guitars are considered used and have a reduced price tag. Guitars may be returned in mint or near-mint condition, blemished or with minor signs of use, or with some dents and scratches that can be easily overlooked or fixed. If you don’t mind your guitar coming in a taped-up box with a few cosmetic flaws, then checking out open-box items would be certainly worth your while.

You can also consider buying high-end acoustic guitars that have been refurbished or repaired by the manufacturer or certified repair facility. These refurbs also cost less than new guitars.

We hope those tips help you get the premium acoustic guitar you’ve always wanted. Let us know what guitar you ultimately bought and why!