How to Make the Most of Garden Hosting Even During Winter

The arrival of autumn and winter for many means welcoming the warmth of jumpers, counting down the days to Halloween, Bonfire Night and Christmas, and enjoying cosy evenings in with the family gathered around the fire. That said, it does mean bidding a sad farewell to the long, light evenings and for many that might mean garden hosting, too. However, there’s no reason why you can’t maximise your use of your garden well into the winter. Not with the My Favourite Voucher Codes guide to help you. Make a few tweaks to your alfresco dining experience and garden parties in the winter won’t be secluded to those lucky enough live close to the equator.

How to Decorate Your Garden in Autumn and Winter


It may seem obvious, but the type of furniture is critical depending on the time of year. Whilst your metal bistro set may be ideal for your morning coffee in July, no one is going to want to park their behind on that when it’s below 10 degrees.

Invest in weatherproof cushioned garden sofas that will help retain some warmth whilst socialising outside. For dining sets, you should also buy with the option to add and take off cushions so that your guests are not only comfortable but warm.


If there’s one thing that is sure to create the perfect atmosphere, it’s your choice of lighting. As the winter nights draw closer, it will be dark as early as five o’clock in the evening, so great garden lighting is essential not only for atmosphere but keeping the party alive.

You can’t go wrong with fairy lights looped over your garden fence and candles are excellent for adding a bit of extra warmth to the space. For safety, why not store in pretty lanterns of all shapes and sizes?

Ensure you have at least one main source of strong light. Whilst solar powered lights can be great for that more subtle vibe, lights linked to the mains are likely to give a better source for when you’re eating.


For comfort and warmth, accessories are key for your garden parties in the winter. Ensure there are enough blankets and cushions for each of your guests to get snuggled up and warm as you sit down with your drinks.

It’s important that you invest when it comes to blankets. As something that can remain consistent in your interior choices throughout the years, it’s a good idea to always stick to neutral hues. It’s also key to invest so you get the quality you want.

Shopping at places like Debenhams means you can find quality throws and blankets made from wool, cotton and other long lasting, quality materials. With regular deals and Debenhams Voucher Codes, you can even look to save up to 50% on blankets, as well as other homeware and furniture.

The Perfect Food & Drink for Winter Garden Parties


For both food and drink, you need to provide food that is warming. Although we all love a good buffet spread, cold quiches and dip just won’t cut it for the winter months. Get a bit more communal with your food choices and have a sit down meal in the garden.

The best kind of foods are those you associate as home comforts. Meals like mac and cheese, fajitas, or a good old stew are filling and will warm you through. They’re also great when it comes to serving big groups of people. Whereas you might worry about a buffet going around and feeding everyone, making a few batches of chill con carne can go a long way. The best part? There might even be leftovers.


Just like your food, there are also great options for drinks to keep you cosy. From cups of tea and coffee to curling your hands around a mug of hot chocolate. Get really seasonal by offering up mulled wine or even mulled cider if you’re feeling fancy.

Precautions for Winter Hosting


Weather can be unpredictable no matter the season, but in winter especially it’s a good idea to be prepared. Ensure you have a gazebo or something similar in place to provide shelter if it does decide to rain. Gazebos can also be great for blocking out winds and keeping the chill out if you invest in one with side panels.


Great for toasting marshmallows, it’s also key at any winter outdoor gathering to keep those toes feeling toasty, too. From firepits to chimeneas, both are easy maintenance during even the winter months. Whilst firepits are small and easy to move for storage, you can invest in covers for your chimenea. Perfect for crowding around after your dinner, either are great sources for heat and will keep the party going and the chill at bay.

The moral of the story? There’s no need to limit your hostess with the mostest tendencies to the summertime. Primp and prepare your garden space and you can enjoy a cosy winters evening with the best kinds of home made grub and company.