How to Build the Perfect RV

Photo by Claygate at en.wikipedia – Own work, Public Domain

The perfect RV comes in many different shapes and sizes. It is likely that hopping in an RV that you have just purchased or rented from a dealer will not be the answer to all your needs.  It may need some tweaks here and there to truly make it perfect.

Starting with the vehicle itself, you will want to ensure that the brakes, suspension system, and sewage system are in tip-top shape. If you are considering towing a vehicle behind your RV, you will want a specialized breaking system. Your suspension system is in charge of keeping your ride smooth and comfortable. The sewage system in your RV is self-explanatory but you will want it to be leak-proof and emptied easily.

The design of your RV is just as important as the vehicle. You will be spending a lot of time inside and you want to make sure it is comfortable and spacious enough for you and your family.


Every quality RV starts out with a quality set of brakes. Without these, you will run into some scary situations on the road. There are a couple types of brakes an RV should have.

An RV should have forward self-adjusting brakes. These work exceptionally well and don’t require constant adjustment and maintenance. If you are towing a vehicle, you will want a supplemental brake system. These systems can be installed permanently or portable.


A suspension system includes all the following: tires, air pressure, springs, and other shock absorbers. This is what makes or breaks your trip. A bumpy ride will cause major discomfort and move things around in the RV. With a proper suspension system in place, which utilizes airbags and springs, your ride will be as smooth as ever.

By no means is this a cost-effective portion of an RV. A suspension system like this is one of the best on the market so expect to pay exactly what you are getting.

Sewage System

No one likes this part of RVing but it is crucial to deal with. Your tank should be emptied whenever it is halfway full. This way the ratio to liquids and solids are equal making to emptying process slightly easier.

To make your life in the sewage department a breeze, you should be on the lookout for RV macerator pumps. A macerator is a godsend for pumping sewage completely out of your tank. You no longer have to park close to the sewage hole, hoping that an incline in the ground will get sewage through your hose. A macerator pump does all of the work for you.


Anyone who has spent time in an RV knows how tight space can get. The small floor space and furniture create little room for anything else. Rather than sacrificing bringing all of your creature comforts along, look for some unique storage ideas within your RV.

For example, use the cabinets and walls to their fullest potential. Rather than leaving shoes hanging around, install a small net within the cabinet door. This is a great storage idea for many other things as well. You could even hang small kitchen utensils with a suction cup against the window. An RV leaves little room but there are numerous creative ways to make the most out of the space.

Office Space

Many RV travelers are often self-employed or remote workers. A home office space is a wonderful and useful feature within an RV. It provides a dedicated workspace for one to focus and work comfortably from.

It is also a multi-purpose space as it can be used as additional dining seating, craft area, or even extra counter space when you need more in the kitchen. A fantastic way to incorporate this in an RV design is to make it a fold out addition with a hinge. This way you can fold it down when it isn’t in use.

Comfortable Bed

An RV is will be your home away from home and the bed is just as important as all the other features. Make sure you lay on the bed and feel whether it is actually comfortable or not.

We all sleep differently and it’s important your bed compliments your own personal sleeping position. If the RV does not come with your desired bed, find a new mattress that will provide you with that good night’s rest.