How To Avoid Gaining Weight On Vacation

Vacation is the time you’ve been looking forward for weeks, months, maybe even years. Taking a short break from your typical list of duties have proven benefits on your health and wellness. That being said, it’s also a time that lends itself to overindulgence. Vacations and decadence often go hand in hand, with buffets, drinking, and going out to eat being the norm.

Of course you deserve downtime, but there is a right and wrong way of “doing” vacation. Don’t fall into the trap of overconsumption while away, even though resorts and hotels make it easy. Below we will go into some ways to stay in fighting shape while on your hard-earned vacation.

Pick Somewhere With A Gym

If you are staying at a resort, chances are pretty good there’s a gym on the premises. Hit the weight room a few times a week at the very least. If you are staying somewhere without a gym, simply put on some running shoes and go for a run. Quality of shoes can make all the difference in your willingness to run, so go pack a pair of shoes from a trusted brand like Nike or Adidas.

Choose Somewhere With A Kitchenette

This option is easily overlooked but increases the possibilities available to you. Many hotel rooms simply do not have a kitchen or kitchenette, forcing you to resort to eating at a restaurant or ordering take out. Both of these alternative options can quickly get expensive. On top of spelling trouble for your wallet, they can also wreak havoc on your waistline.

This does not mean you are forbidden from going out to eat, but having a kitchenette allows you to moderate yourself and introduce some versatility in your feeding habits. Worst comes to worst, you can still take home a doggie back and prepare the leftovers yourself. Having a stove and other amenities at your disposal gives you the opportunity to visit the local grocery store and get acquainted with the local cuisine, saving money all the while.

Pack A Cooler

If your day involves an extended amount of time soaking in rays at the beach, bring along some healthy snacks and in a cooler. Consider bringing a fruit salad, some carrots, or grapes to avoid resorting to boardwalk food, which is often fried and antithetical to health. You can even explore some fruit infused water recipes, which may help to ameliorate the negative effects of UV rays.

Less Is More

Plan to avoid overindulgence by eating smaller portions at meal times. Don’t feel inclined to eat a ton of food simply because you’re “on vacation”, because the net result is feeling drowsy and bloated. Also ACV can reduce bloating. Exercise some restraint and reap the benefits of your self control in the form of feeling better and looking better. In fact, there are numerous proven health benefits to limiting your caloric intake, which can improve your health year-round.

Plan Ahead When Eating Out

If you are eyeing up a restaurant, check out the menu online before committing. This isn’t being stingy, it’s being logical. A massive bill at a fancy restaurant can add a great deal of undue stress to your metabolism and bank account.

You also want to avoid eating things like large pasta dishes or overly decadent desserts, which contribute massively to weight gain for most people. It’s impossible to have high circulating insulin levels while burning fat, and these foods jack up insulin levels to dizzying heights. Instead opt for complex carbs, which do not spike insulin levels as dramatically, or a simple dessert like fresh berries.

Go Easy On The Alcohol

It’s easy to ingest a gargantuan amount of calories when they are liquid. A typical serving of liquor contains close to 100 calories, while some beers are close to 200. This can easily transform your low-key dinner into a pants-ripping disaster. In addition, the larger the window in which you consume alcohol, the higher the likelihood of overeating. Try to only drink in the evenings to prevent alcohol from dismantling your entire day.

Limit The Amount Of Times You “Eat Badly”

Being on vacation generally entails a sense of “letting loose”, which is fine – in moderation. Limit indulgent meals to one per day at maximum. Also, keep in mind that “delicious” does not necessarily have to equal “unhealthy”. If you have the choice between a pasta alfredo dish or salmon, keep your future self in mind when deciding.

Get Adequate Sleep

A good night’s sleep is essential for the proper functioning of your metabolism. Try to get to bed at a reasonable time, and stick to the schedule. This will keep your body’s circadian rhythm from going haywire, and the results will be tangible. Consider the deleterious role alcohol will have on your sleep as well. Avoid binge drinking well into the night as the negative effects will compound.