How Finding Love is More Than Skin Deep

Normally when it comes to interracial dating, most people usually assume that the couples are together for some underlying reason or motive.

For instance, some might say it is because of self-hate or a hate for their own race. Others say it is because they want to have beautiful mixed race kids. In the Black community, most people will say one is dating interracially because they don’t find men or women of their races beautiful. Some even assume that when a minority dates white, they are doing it for financial reasons.

Do not get me started on those that say it’s all a fetish or some sexual experiment. We have heard it all.

So what happened to the reason being love?  Don’t these people just believe that an interracial couple is a couple that is together exclusively for love?

Yes, there might be a few who might be a couple for some vain reasons. We see that even with same-race couples. However, most of the interracial couples we see today are together because of pure attraction, connection, and love.

Ever heard someone say they never ever pictured themselves in an interracial relationship, only to find themselves happily married in an interracial marriage? Well, that is love.

See… Dating is dating. We don’t need to find reasons beyond love. And I think its about time we stopped making interracial love look like a strange phenomenon.

Here is how to make interracial dating more than skin deep.

1.      Communication.

As a couple that has come from different racial backgrounds, communication is important. There may be things one of you might consider a joke. The other sees them as racist. Speak up.

Let your partner realize why you feel some things are racist. If a friend makes a joke that you feel has racist connotations, tell your partner. Just be open about it.

Please. Tall openly about things you feel are affecting you in any way. Talk about how you two can merge your cultures. Compromise is key. If you can forfeit something for the greater good of the relationship, then do it.

Don’t make the fact that you two are different be a sensitive subject. Talk about it. It will help you guys know each other better and accept each other better.

2.      Stand up to racists!

I can’t stress enough how important it is for an interracial couple to have each other’s backs. Do not make excuses for your friends or family member’s racist comments. Tell them off. If it offends your partner, then it’s offensive.

Don’t let family and friends who ask too many offensive questions get away with it. Answer them and let them realize how offensive they sound. Educate them. Let them realize how much they are hurting your partner.

Never ignore racist comments. Just speak out! He or she will definitely love you more…

3.      Don’t explain your relationship

It’s love, right? So why waste your time telling people its love and not a fetish? I will tell you again! Most interracial couples never planned to be in interracial relationships. They just met, clicked and fell in love. It’s that simple.

A few might have been attracted to certain features that a particular race has. But if they met someone who has similar features within their own race, they would probably date them.

So please, don’t waste your breath explaining. It’s plain and simple! Its attraction, then connection, then love….

4.      Have an open mind

They will talk… People always do talk. Have thick skin as a couple. If their talk doesn’t affect how you feel about one another, why give a fu**! We love whom we love. No question about that.

Just remember to have your partner’s feelings at heart, always. Show a keen interest in their culture. What you can embrace, embrace! Plus, life is too short to be rigid. Just move with the flow. There is nothing wrong with learning something new.

If you met this person and loved them, then love them will all you got. Differences or not. The thing is; the heart wants what it wants. And if it takes you to the path of interracial love, then so be it! Just love with all you have got. Do everything to maintain a long and healthy interracial relationship.