Four Of The Best Man Duties That You Must Know About

Photo by unsplash

Your best friend is getting married, and he selected you to be the best man. You must be pleasantly surprised and at the same time, a little anxious. However, now that you have this role, firstly, you deserve a big congratulations. Secondly, you must be wondering what your duties will entail.

These are the 4 best man duties that you will need to know about in order to play your role well.

1. Go With The Groom-To-Be To Go Ring Shopping

You don’t need to worry about having to choose the cut of the diamond nor to pay for the ring. That is his job. However, you will need to go with him for that big moment in his life for support. He will be excited but at the same time, he will be nervous about making the biggest change in his life (that is before he decides to have kids). He will need your moral support for that.

2. Help The Groom-To-Be Choose His Outfit

This is another thing he will need in order to help him find the best outfit and ensembles for his big day. He will need your moral support when he is shopping for a suit. You can give him your recommendation in regards to whether it is better to rent a suit or to buy one outright. And besides, he will need your support when he is shopping for this important outfit he will need when he says I do.

3. Take Care Of Planning The Bachelor Party

If you are unsure of where to even begin when you are in a position that requires you to plan your best friend’s bachelor party, then you can go visit the Big Boys Club for inspiration, and you can even learn other things you can do as a best man.

However, one thing to go by is the taste that your best friend has. If he is not the type that would be into the traditional bachelor party that involves strippers and is more into the arcade – then you will want to look into the local arcade to see what they can offer. They all offer options to hold a fun party whether it is a birthday party or a bachelor party!

4. Help Book Travel Accommodations If Necessary

If the wedding is taking place in another country or even in another city, then you will want to help the groom-to-be plan that out. Make the travel arrangements with his permission because that will take a load off of his mind. All you need to do is go to Expedia or Flight Centre to find out if the flight times are going to work. And, if one does work out, then book it on his behalf. He will appreciate that.

These 4 points are crucial for you to do in order to be the best man for your best friend that is going to be getting married to his sweetheart. He will need your support right now, more than you know.