3D Printers Are Now Changing the Gaming World

For some time, disruptive technology has proven insightful to emerging consumer trends. Three-dimensional printing technology is capable of disrupting the gaming industry as it is changing performance standards, manufacturing efficiency and consumer demand because of developer innovation and product enhancements. From gaming figures to video games and software licensing, here is how 3D printers are changing the gaming world.

Figurine Creation

Gaming figurines are everywhere today commercially as brand awareness has taken on the 3D printing of characters. Companies like Jawstec are on the rise in popularity as more consumers are looking for miniature collectibles, figurines or interactive board game pieces. For the hobbyist or the true collector at heart, a 3D printer allows you to collect more at an affordable price while also enjoying the interactive games with friends.

Interactive Video Games

Since the use of additive 3D manufacturing came into play, many advances have transformed the gaming industry. As there is a revenue stream available for gaming, it has led to some companies researching and finding innovative breakthroughs that allow for player interaction. This type of 3D technology has also led to innovative design methods, engineering concepts and product manufacturing that makes it readily available to more consumers and at prices well below their past market value.

Reduction of Manufacturing Costs

Developers continuously try to reduce manufacturing costs while also aiming to increase streaming and gaming sales. The 3D printing industry is providing a high-tech option for revenue by increasing the output of print-friendly merchandise. Moreover, 3D technology allows gamers to design and print new characters for game consideration.

Marketplace Expansion

For the last decade, 3D technology has eluded smaller markets and individuals because of the cost of the printer and materials. While there was a belief that it would go mainstream, it has mainly stayed within the manufacturing industry. Today, companies allow users to access software tools and design their own creations, which allow those who have gaming or sales ambitions to print out unique products affordably. Access to a company who prints out 3D merchandise also allows other companies that lack this technology the ability to print parts or prototypes without having to invest in the printer in-house. It is also quicker, so companies can increase production without delays.

Gaming Software Licensing

The gaming software available is usually accessible only through companies who want you to use their 3D printer. By licensing it to users for production or manufacturing needs, it allows those who have 3D printers to use the software to create unique models. By extending the licensing of software, it opens up the market to new product creativity and production. It also allows startups to use it for product innovation. In a world of viral marketing, it is also a great way to work with up-and-coming individuals who want to use the 3D software to create products that will generate licensing leads.

As more people invest in gaming software technology, there will be additional development and production methods that will disrupt the industry with new expansion and product innovation.