How to Prepare for a Major Storm – 2016 Edition

This year started with a lot of snow for the US’ East Coast. Storm Jonas – which has received the nickname Snowzilla, after “Make Winter Great Again” was declared the winner of a poll – has covered the major cities in the area with two feet of snow, and cleaned out all their bad air with winds that sometimes hit 45mph. What can you do during such a “weather event”, except for “Netflix and Chill” or playing online casino games on your phone? How can you prepare for being locked into your home for days at a time?

Stock up on food

Have you seen the pictures about the empty shelves of the US supermarkets? People got the message, and stocked up on food for the three-day storm. When you know that a major weather disturbance comes, you should have your pantry filled with food and water for at least a few days. Make sure to have enough canned goods, grains and rice, as well as chocolate bars for a quick sugar rush when needed.

Don’t forget the batteries

With great weather disturbance comes great power outage – sometimes, as it’s not a general rule. But you should be prepared. You could lose power and heating at any time – and who knows for how long. If such a major event is set to hit, be sure to stock up on batteries to power your radio, charge all the available power banks to keep your smartphone running, and be sure to buy some candles – they are the easiest, and perhaps the most romantic, part of a power outage.

Keep your medicine cabinet well stocked

If you are taking prescription medication regularly, be sure to have enough for at least a week if bad weather is set to hit. Plus, make sure you have the usual generics, like aspirin and cold symptoms relief at hand. Be sure to have your first aid kit at hand: who knows when you might cut a finger or break a leg, with no way of reaching an emergency room.

Keep boredom away

Luckily for the East Coast, this year’s snowstorm didn’t knock out their power grid. Millions of people were stuck inside, with nothing but the internet to keep them company – and they used it to an excess, as shown by the traffic stats of one of the most popular adult destinations online. But if the power goes out, and you have nothing to kill time with, make sure to prepare with a few board games, books and packs of cards. Or a significant other – I think I don’t have to explain why he or she is important.