Yes, We are Still Talking About Fear the Walking Dead Season Finale


Fear the Walking Dead finished its first season on Sunday night and days later we are all still in awe. The season finale was nothing short of amazing. It was full of suspense, drama and was one of the very best episodes of the season.

There was so much crammed into the hour episode, but nothing was rushed or left out. They did a really good job fitting everything they needed to in the season finale and now fans can’t wait for season 2.


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It started with Daniel leading a giant herd of walkers (or whatever the new show is going to call them, we won’t find out until season 2) to the compound to distract the military so they could get to their loved ones in the hospital area. The herd was absolutely huge and I wasn’t expecting so many walkers this early on in the show.

Luckily, the group was able to find Liza and Nick, but it wasn’t easy. After all hell broke loose, Liza was told to run for it and Nick took off with his new friend Stand. Nick and Strand got stuck in a hallway with walkers coming after them. This might have been one of the best scenes in the episode. Madison saw Nick and was trying to open the door and couldn’t. All she could see was walkers coming after her son. But then Liza shows up to the rescue with a card to help open the electronic doors. She did it in just enough time to save the two.


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The group is finally altogether and as soon as they start to head to the coast, Andy comes out and threatens to shoot Daniel. Instead, he shoots Ophelia. She ends up surviving and the group gets on their way to where Strand says he owns a house on the ocean.

Strand shows Nick a boat out at sea that he calls Abigail and he thinks getting to that boat is the best bet for the group. But while Nick is talking to Strand, Liza shows Madison that she has been bit and asks Madison to end her life for her. Travis stumbles upon the two before Madison goes through it and shoots Liza for her. Everyone in the group hears the gunshot and Chris runs to his mother to find her dead. The show ends with Travis crying on the beach and Madison trying to comfort him.


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We all will have to wait until season 2 to see what will happen. One thing is for sure, I am hooked on Fear the Walking Dead.