The Season 6 Premiere of The Walking Dead

***Spoiler Alert***

The Walking Dead returned on Sunday night with the premiere of their 6th season. The 90-minute episode answered a lot of questions and had more walkers than any other episode.

The episode went back and forth with flashbacks from what happened after the season 5 finale. All of the past events were in black and white and that was a really cool effect the show hasn’t really used before.

It turns out that Rick and Morgan really don’t have any issues with each other. Morgan does think Rick has gotten cold, but it is just because Morgan hasn’t been able to witness that the people of Alexandria are weak. Rick is trying to toughen them up so that he can keep everyone safe. Then there is Daryl and Rick. Rick doesn’t want to recruit any more people and Daryl disagrees. This might turn into something bigger, but nothing really came of it in the premiere.

Rick & Morgan

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Of course Rick does have a couple enemies inside Alexandria. Pete’s son Ron isn’t happy with Rick because he killed his father and doesn’t want him buried at Alexandria. While Rick and Morgan are out getting rid of Pete’s body, they run into Ron. Rick has a stern talk with him, but I think it just made things worse with Ron.  They also run into a giant pit full of walkers that is heading towards Alexandria. Something needs to be done soon or Alexandria will be in big trouble.

Rick takes the lead and tries to organize a group to deal with the walkers. He has a plan to lead the walkers away and lead them in a new direction. Everyone is on board except a new character named Carter. He doesn’t like Rick’s plan and even talks about killing him in private. Or so he thought. Rick overhears and pulls a gun on Carter, but doesn’t pull the trigger. Carter decides to join the group and help. Father Gabriel also offers to help, but Rick quickly tells him no way.


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The whole community really came together to get the herd away from Alexandria. Even Nicholas joins in and helps Glenn. There is another new character, Heath, who just might become a big part of the group.

While the group is working on the plan, a walker bites Carter and Rick has to kill him. But it doesn’t end there. When the group thinks all is going as planned, a loud horn starts honking and leads the walkers back towards Alexandria. It is unsure who is honking the horn, but it just ruined Rick’s plan.

The Wolves didn’t make an appearance in the episode, but they are coming. It will be interesting to see who is responsible for the horn and what is in store for Alexandria this season.