Take A Look at Season 6 of The Walking Dead

The Season 6 trailer of The Walking Dead was released Friday at San Diego Comic-Con. The show doesn’t return until October 11th and the trailer has left fans with a lot of questions. Check it out:

So what do you think? Is Rick and Morgan really against each other? Or was the video edited to appear that way? Is Carol turning evil? And what are the Wolves up to? There was so much packed into the 4 plus minute trailer, that I had to watch it like 10 times to pick up on things and I am sure I am missing more.

Season 5 was pretty good and it ended leaving us with so many questions. But now the premiere leaves us with even more. Obviously Glen is alive and well, which is good. But does it pick up right where Season 5 ended?

Rick TWD

Courtesy of TWD Facebook page.

I heard that they used a lot of zombies in the season 6 premiere and it looks like it. There appears to be a lot more walkers and that things are just getting worse outside the walls of Alexandria. But, I also have to wonder if maybe the Wolves are sending more walkers towards Alexandria.

We did find out at San Diego Comic-Con during the Walking Dead Panel, that we will find out where Morgan has been this whole time. A couple new faces will appear this season, but we weren’t told much about the new characters.

The new season looks really intense. Not only are they fighting walkers and other people, it likes the group might be fighting each other. There seems to be a lot of hostility, but who is it all towards? I guess we will have to wait until October 11th to find out. Get ready for an epic season.


Feature image courtesy of forbes.com.