Taco Bell Serves Up Alcohol

Taco Bell is always pushing limits. With their unique menu full of interesting spins on Mexican food, what more could Taco Bell come up with? Well how about serving alcohol?

Yes it is, true. A new Taco Bell location in Wicker Park in Chicago is doing a trial run of serving customers wine, beer and even mixed drinks. The new location is an upscale version of other Taco Bells, kind of like what you would find in Tokyo or the United Kingdom. The restaurant has more of an urban theme with brick walls and colorful murals. It really is a lot fancier than any other Taco Bell in the United States.


Courtesy of nrn.com

The alcoholic beverages are only available to customers eating inside the restaurant. Customers are not allowed to take the alcoholic beverages to go and the alcohol is served in different cups than the regular drinks to help distinguish between the two.

The fast food chain is hoping that this idea will catch on to other Taco Bell locations around the country. The location in Chicago is even hiring a bouncer so the late night customers won’t get too rowdy or out of control.


Courtesy of foodbeast.com

Not only is Taco Bell adding alcohol to the menu, some of the locations are offering delivery services. All of the restaurants are also working on eliminating artificial flavors and coloring from nearly 95 percent of the items on the menu.