Stopping by in Seattle? Don’t Miss These Must See Spots!

Seattle Space Needle at Night

Seattle is a fantastic city to visit! It is home to the Space Needle, Pike Place Market and even some unique fashion.

The Space Needle is the symbol of Seattle. It was built in 1962 and is recognized throughout the world. It even has a rotating restaurant at the top of the structure where you can see the entire Seattle skyline.

The iconic Space Needle was built to handle some of Seattle’s crazy weather. It has 25 lighting rods and is strong enough to handle winds up to 200 mph and even strong earthquakes.

Pike Place Market is one of the oldest farmer’s markets in the U.S. dating back to 1907. This is Seattle’s number one tourist destination and ranks 33rd as the most visited tourist sites in the world.

The Pike Place Fish Market is one of the most famous spots at Pike Place Market. It was founded in 1930 and is known for their tradition of employees throwing large fish to each other. On average, the Pike Place Fish Market sees around 10,000 visitors each day!

Totokaelo offers great fashion from talented artists and designers, such as Jill Wenger. Of course, you can always find some great items via their online store, but the store in Seattle is breathtaking and worth the visit.

The company is known for their unique way of tying together designers and art. Some of their extraordinary fashion includes bomber jackets, suits, shorts and tanks. There is a wide variety of highly fashionable wear for men and woman. An interview with the Totokaelo CEO really opens your eyes to the creative aspect of this fashion store.

The city of Seattle may have some rainy days and crazy weather, but it sure does offer some incredible sight seeing and shopping. From world known structures to high-end fashion, Seattle has something for everyone!