Soundtrack For The Cheltenham Festival

The Cheltenham Festival is almost upon us and, as is the case for any premier horse racing event, preparations are already being made by dedicated fans and future spectators. Wagers are being placed, horrendously large hats are being purchased and picnic baskets are being packed.

But beyond the traditional preparations of examining Cheltenham betting odds online to try and improve the chances of those wagers, or checking the area’s weather forecast on the TV, there are numerous other little preparations being forgotten.

One of these is the preparation of a Cheltenham soundtrack or playlist. This is not to suggest that you dilute the spectator experience by plugging into your iPod for the event itself, but rather that you utilise a pre-festival soundtrack to really add something to the commuting experience. Every driver, passenger and general commuter knows that a perfectly selected soundtrack is the ideal atmosphere setter. So, why not add some of these carefully selected tracks to your Cheltenham playlist now?

Another One Bites The Dust – Queen, 1980

This thumping slice of funk rock is known, within boxing circles, as the entrance music for the legendary Floyd Mayweather Jr. Considering that this Queen classic is an absolute knockout, it is perfectly understandable. The disco-infused baseline combined with Freddie Mercury’s sublime and textured vocal creates the perfect tempo to groove along to. Moreover, as any weathered punter knows, the phrase ‘Another One Bites The Dust’ is only too apt when a string of bad luck hits you during a run of bets. However, with this slinky number having ear wormed its way into your brain, you won’t be able to stay disappointed for long!

Ride A White Horse – Goldfrapp, 2006

This glittering electroclash number is supposedly about Bianca Jagger’s infamous entrance to Studio 54 on the back of white horse. However, regardless of its inspiration, this icy-yet-rhythmic number encapsulates the effortless but disciplined movements of some of the greatest jump racers in the world today. Some of which will be present at the Cheltenham Festival. Alison Goldfrapp’s breathy-yet-understated vocal is the perfect accompaniment to the hypnotic electronic arrangement, ensuring that that ‘Ride A White Horse’ completes each lap with grace and elegance.

Jump (For My Love) – The Pointer Sisters, 1983

Cheltenham Festival is all about the jump events and therefore what tune is more appropriate than this piece of dance-pop history. Disastrously covered by Girls Aloud in 2003, which miraculously got to number two in the UK charts, it is a testament to the song’s hooky chorus and memorable lyrics that this Pointer Sisters classic survived the mauling by Cheryl Cole and Co. with its addictive nature intact. A favourite amongst wedding DJs and Hugh Grant wannabes, this stomping piece of cheese would be perfect for any jumping montage.

Crazy Horses – The Osmonds, 1972

Crazy Horses came at a time when the previously whiter-than-white Christian groovers, The Osmonds, transformed themselves – for two brief albums – into somewhat legitimate glam rockers. It even came to the point where even the legendary Led Zeppelin sang their praises. Despite being one of their biggest hits in the UK, Crazy Horses’ thumping tribal drums, jarring guitar riffs and gravelly vocal still causes you to question if this is really The Osmonds you are listening to. This atmospheric stadium filler’s relentless pace and galloping rhythm, not to mention its title and chorus, makes it the perfect addition to any Cheltenham build-up.

Horse Power – Chemical Brothers, 2011

This relentless techno track is everything you either love or loathe about the Chemical Brothers. Horse Power layers its various looped effects and repetitive hooks as it builds towards its climax with mechanical precision. Its harsh-but-catchy soundscape may not be for everyone but, for those who love dance music of the old-school rave variety, this track will gallop over the finish line with ease.