Exciting Places to Date!


Dating in the twenty-first century is a rather boring pursuit. You swipe your way into finding a mate, then via text you exchange a little small talk and arrange to meet at a restaurant. Fast forward an hour and you’re both either making an unfortunate taxi driver feel rather uncomfortable or you’re alone, on your way to the off-licence for a bottle of late-night agony aunt. If this sounds all too similar to your own dating experiences then you probably understand what we mean when we say you need to inject a little more varied excitement into your dating routine!

Salsa Classes

With tapas bars having succeeded in invading every high street in the country, millions of people now have the chance to feel the lick of the flame of Latin passion at their heels, enjoying a little salsa dancing! Having a night of dancing is great for any relationship, not just dating couples, and will really show if you and your partner are dancing to the same beat!


Fancy yourself a James Bond (bar the womanising, alcoholism and exceptionally dangerous occupation)? If you do, taking your date on a night out to a casino could be a wonderfully exciting way to get to know one another, with drinks, thrills and fun all to be expected. What’s more, if your date is running late and you’re feeling the nerves hit, you can simply register at MrSmithCasino via your smartphone and let your mind wander by playing a couple of games online, all whilst getting a little practice in the process.

Bungee Jumping

This idea is one geared towards the more…extreme among us and you might find it’s a rather difficult task to persuade adrenaline-lacking dates to join you in careering vertically off a precipice. Despite that small issue though, having gone through such a mind-blowingly scary ordeal you and your beloved will have formed the kind of bond one only usually reads about in survival novels. Lovely!


Summer’s best kind of events, festivals are a perfect place to see your favourite bands, enjoy a pint of something strong or simply sit around in the sun, but they’re also great dating hotspots. We’re not talking about asking the beautiful person in your office to head off to a three day event with you; instead simply popping to a local festival for a whole day should suffice. You’ll spend quality time with one another, there’s lots of distractions if things get quiet, and the preponderance of booze will keep up the levels of candidness!