Bric’s Luggage’s Life Collection – Luxury and Longevity


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Bric’s has been a true style icon in the luggage world ever since the company founded by Italian designer Mario Briccola released the first stunning Bric’s ‘Made in Italy’ bags way back in the early 1950’s. The brand has gone from strength to strength – capturing the styles of all of the decades that followed, and is now beloved by celebrities and glamorous travellers as a luggage company that offer good looks, convenience and unbeatable quality.

Bric’s have several popular collections, all of which have their devotees. There is the cool Bric’s Safari line, the stylish X-Bag range, the practical Sportina collection, and perhaps the best loved of them all: Bric’s Life.

The Bric’s Life Range

Bric’s Luggage’s Life collection is, as you might expect from the name, the perfect lifestyle collection, featuring bags for all kinds of travel. Whether you want a great weekend bag, a large holdall for the gym, a cabin luggage suitcase that maximises the space and weight you have available when you fly, or a great rolling suitcase that makes you feel like a star as you glide through arrivals at your favourite destination, you will find what you are looking for in this range of effortlessly stylish Italian bags and cases.

Designed for Luxury

Whether you are travelling for business or pleasure, a touch of luxury in your luggage can make the tedium of air travel a little more bearable, and travelling with cases that help you feel classy and stylish even after a long haul flight always makes you feel a little better when you’re on the go! Bric’s designs are both attractive and subtle, meaning you’ll look tastefully put together and your luggage will look good no matter what you’re wearing or where you’re going. The elegance of the Bric’s Life collection also makes it a great unisex collection, as beloved by men like Matthew McConaughey as it is by fashion conscious women like Pippa Middleton.

This classic luxury look is important, because these cases are not a fashion accessory for one fleeting season – investing in cases of this quality means you’re going to have the perfect luggage for decades to come!

Lasting Style

Luxury, high end luggage should always be seen as an investment, and the Bric’s Life range by Bric’s Luggage is no exception to this rule. Rather than buying new luggage every couple of years from the high street because your cheap bags and cases have gotten broken, damaged or worn out, when you travel with Bric’s Life you are using something that has been designed to offer long term value instead. Made from carefully chosen, ultra resilient materials, with precision made accessories like locks, fastenings and rollers, the quality is instantly obvious when you first pack one of these gorgeous cases or holdalls.

If you want luggage that will make you look and feel chic while also offering you excellent longevity and value for money, then Bric’s Life is a collection you definitely need to check out.