Best Spots For Fried Chicken Lovers

There is nothing like some really good fried chicken. You can get fried chicken at a lot of places, but there are some spots around the country that have the best fried chicken ever.

Glass Onion – Charleston, S.C.

Glass Onion

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The restaurant in Charleston is named after a Beatles’ song and is also home to some delicious fried chicken. The Crispy Chicken Leg at Glass Onion has a lot of flavor for not being deep-fried. Food enthusiast Guy Fieri found this place and was highly impressed. The chicken is baked in a pan of hot oil. The chicken is cooked thoroughly then seared on both sides. The restaurant doesn’t use any flour batter so the chicken’s skin is what makes it crispy. The Crispy Chicken Leg comes with greens, mashed potatoes and sweet pepper relish.

Max’s Wine Dive – Houston, TX

The chicken at Max’s Wine Dive takes 36-hours to marinade. This helps tenderize the chicken. It is full of flavor and made with jalapenos, limes and hot spices. Typically, frying temperatures are about 300 degrees, but at Max’s Wine Dive, the temperature only goes up to 250 degrees. The chicken is delicious and very tender.

Uncle Lou’s – Memphis, TN

Uncle Lou’s is a famous spot in Memphis. They serve up honey-dipped home-style chicken. The unique chicken is served with Cajun-Creole butter. Guy Fieri also visited this place and renamed their special sauce to Sweet Spicy Love. The sauce is a blend of vinegars, honey and spices. Uncle Lou’s offers the sauce for sale to take home too.

Stroud’s Restaurant & Bar – Fairway, KS


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Stroud’s Restaurant is known for their tender fried chicken. The chicken is pan fried, which helps keep it tender and moist. It is fried with old-fashioned shortening, which gives the chicken a great crunch. It is served with fried liver and fried gizzards.