Turning your Shed into a Cracking Retreat

Do you ever stare at your shed and feel a pinch of jealousy towards your lawnmower? There it sits in perfect peace and quiet as you’re surrounded by the kids and their annoying friends bouncing off the walls.

Why should your lawnmower have all the fun? Here’s a guide to turning the shed into a cracking little retreat just for you.


DIY den

The beauty of a turning your shed into a DIY hotspot is it gives you endless excuses to retreat to it: “that architrave won’t measure itself” after all. You will be required to emerge from the DIY den on occasion with a completed project to continue the illusion, so it is best if you fit the shed out with a Black + Decker Workbench and enough tools to finish jobs around the house.

After running electricity to the shed, you can indulge the majority of your time in there to just make improvements to the actual shed. A few nice beams for the ceiling and a stand for the television would be welcome additions.

The Speakeasy


In their heyday, the American speakeasy was perfect for those who sought refuge from the law as they drank throughout prohibition. Whilst prohibition is now just a footnote in history, the modern speakeasy can offer refuge from another type of law: the wife. Requiring little lighting for the authentic ‘hidden drinking’ atmosphere, the speakeasy shed only really requires an old record player (or iTunes library), a bottle of rye and a tumbler.

Sports Room

If the other half isn’t exactly enamoured with round-the-clock televised sports and your new found love for obscure events such as SlamBall, it may be time to take to the shed. Once you have your satellite, cable or internet connection to all the sports channels sorted, a flat interior wall in the shed makes an ideal screen. Sand this wall down and paint white with a projector-suitable paint, creating a perfect projector screen surface.

If (and it’s a small ‘if’) you’re going to be spending a lot of time watching the games, you won’t want to be perched on a rickety stool. FADS stock a range of sofas, which you can take a look at here. A two-person sofa means extra room to stretch out on – let’s face it, you’re probably not going to fit anything bigger in a shed.

The Al Fresco Office

al fresco office

If you can’t bring work home from the office without the kids pointing their grubby fingers at the laptop screen enquiring what is going on with your Excel document, it may be better to take the work to the shed. After insulating the garden shed to protect you from having to write in gloves and running electricity to your laptop, invest in some simple but effective office equipment from Staples to keep things professional and safeguard against procrastination.