Opulence in Luxury Airfare: Find Your Wings with a Private Jet

The benchmark of true success in modern times has rapidly evolved into how you travel. Of course there’s the Lamborghini route – virtually everyone famous under the sun has one parked in their garage – but you set your sights higher by a mile – the truly successful have their own private jet.

What’s it like to have your private jet? Owners report that access to their own airliner suddenly opened the world to them like never before. Described as the ‘epitome of freedom’, your private jet will allow you to set sail for international destinations at a moment’s notice. Private flights can even turn out to be more cost-effective than commercial flights in the long run.

Far more than freedom however, a private jet will redefine how you look at travel. Whereas most people consider flying a chore, something that must be accomplished to enjoy a vacation, your aircraft completely demolishes that concept. Just as driving can be entirely therapeutic, imagine how you’ll feel in the privacy of your own chartered flight. This is escaping into luxury.

The advantages of owning a private jet are virtually unlimited, depending solely upon a well-oiled imagination. Can you imagine a world where airports and security were suddenly a thing of the past? It’s easy to appreciate never having to remove your shoes just to travel in an aircraft.

Purchasing a plane is not exactly a straightforward transaction. Some potential buyers can find themselves entering bidding wars online while others have to barter extensively with private companies, pending an initial invite to undergo said bartering.

You’ll want to determine the money you’re willing to shell out and the amount of seats you need to make your dream a reality. Many entry-level jets will run you no less than several millions of dollars, and that’s not including the price it costs to keep things operable.

The price tag of a private jet is ultimately something you’ll need to consider. The average cost to charter a Gulfstream 550, arguably the most luxurious in private airfare, is nearly $8,640 per hour. The latest estimates show that’s enough money to purchase 74 round-trip tickets for travel between New York and Washington, D.C.! Elements like fuel and employing a pilot can quickly add up to a massive bill.

So you consider yourself a budding young professional? Tell the world you’ve arrived with your own private jet, the ultimate in luxury travel.