Newcastle “If We Made It” Super Bowl Commercial Campaign

if we made it

If you’ve been surfing YouTube videos like I do recently, I’m sure you’ve been forced to watch a minute-long ad for Newcastle’s newest campaign that I think is totally brilliant. The series of ads entitled, “If We Made It,” explain a commercial that the Tyne-based brewery would have made if they had the budget.

A conga line of sharks, chicks in bikinis using the power of dance to defeat a robot, and skateboarding cats are only some of the hilarious could-have-been moments of a commercial I would have loved to have seen during the Super Bowl.

Who knows! maybe Newcastle will actually premier the commercial during the big game and surprise us all. I’m holding my breath. Take a look at some of the videos they’ve released so far:


If We Made It – “Focus Groups”


If We Made It – Official Official Official Trailer


If We Made It – Prepare Yourself


If We Made It – Really Really Cheap


If We Made It – Keyshawn Johnson: Behind the Scenes of the Mega Huge Football Ad We Almost Made