Sports Betting, Guts vs Heart

Sports Betting, Guts vs Heart

What are the odds that Lebron and company actually win their third straight NBA Championship? Will the always consistent San Antonio finish the job and avenge their 2013 loss? Will the unprecedented Portland Trailblazers stun the league and bring familiar glory back to their loyal fanbase? There’s a lot of questions to be answered about this season, particularly where to place our bets. Is it total sacrilege to bet against your heart?

The art of betting requires far more than understanding your odds. It requires the ability to separate yourself from fanship, taking off the blinders and looking at your favorite teams and players with complete objectivity.sports betting basketball 2014

It’s common practice at casinos across the world for fans to bet on the home team — some people believe the investment even wills their team to victory in some small part. This feeling can be exacerbated when the home team happens to be involved in the championship game.

The latest power rankings from sports betting sites like actually have the Indiana Pacers at the top of the pack this year, a place they’ve grown accustom to despite somehow flying under the radar. As much as it might destroy the average Miami fan, if bets were being placed for the championship right now, the odds would be in favor of the blue collar Pacers.

My point is this, sporting fans — bet with your gut, not with your heart. Keep tabs on what’s going on, don’t make a blind decision.