Adam Scott Returns with The Greatest Event in Television History pt. 4


Just a year ago Adam Scott treated the world to The Greatest Event in Television History. The original incarnation was a shot for shot recreation of the opening sequence of Simon & Simon featuring Scott and Mad Men’s Jon Hamm. A couple months later Scott returned with Parks & Recreation costar Amy Poehler for their take on the married crime fighting duo Hart to Hart.

The third incarnation of The Greatest Event in Television History added comedy mainstays Jon Glaser, Catherine Hahn, and Catherine O’Hara.

While the theme sequences are hilarious by themselves, the best part of this series is the “behind-the-scenes” look at all the work that goes into these short 30-second videos. Survivor’s Jeff Probst gives viewers a look at the “$40 million production”  of these sitcoms.

In this sense, the videos are more of a parody of pretentious behind the scenes specials that you see for big budget films like Avatar, and Albert Nobbs . With appearances by Paul Rust, Jason Mantzoukas, Paul Scheer, Horatio Sanz, David Wain and Paul Rudd Adult Swim has knocked this series out of the park.

My favorite episode is Hart to Hart episode because it  examines  a false hatred between Amy Poehler and Adam Scott.


Adam Scott returns with The Greatest Event in Television History tonight which will feature Paul Rudd as his costar. The comedy community is buzzing about which 80’s sitcom the team will parody this time but many people have guessed it’s Tom Hank’s early foray into television, “Bosom Buddies”. If you don’t know Bosom Buddies is about a pair of roommates who inexplicably dress up as women so they can keep renting their apartment.

Here is the original intro for “Bosom Buddies”

UPDATE: The Greatest Event in Television History aired and I was right! View the segment on Adult Swim here.