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What’s New With Clover 2?

Are you ready to upgrade your POS system? As technology continues to advance, outdated POS systems can be unresponsive, slow and offer too few additional features. Enjoy the latest advancements in payment processing, time sheet management and detailed reporting today by checking out the New Clover. Custom Rewards Options The Clover software system now offers… Read more »

How VR is changing online gaming

Gaming has always been at the forefront of technological progress. As we are fast approaching life-like graphics on PC, we’re equally be matched with immersive techniques that capture our sense of belief and introduce more of our physcial senses. Virtual reality is of course at the forefront of these developments and appears to be changing… Read more »

Best Oculus Go Accessories

To view your favorite movie or play your choice video games in VR without spending a ton on a VR headset, opt for the Oculus Go. The premium Oculus VR models are beyond the reach of most VR aficionados and enthusiasts. Luckily for such VR buffs, the Oculus Go comes pretty cheap in stark contrast… Read more »

The Most Effective Digital Marketing Strategies For Software And Tech SMEs

By knowing that almost 94% of all businesses will first perform online research before making any crucial business-related decision like making a purchase or signing up for a service retainer plan, digital marketing companies in Dubai have realized that there’s potential work for them. The demand for software solutions facilitating the different workflow is on… Read more »

Pick Servers as Per Your Preference

For modern-day business, it is necessary to use computers and web services that can help it in a number of ways. The internal matters of programs or infrastructure of a computer may not be known by an ordinary user, and indeed he has nothing to do with it also, but for the experts, there are… Read more »

Getting Medical Advice Through Telecommunication

With the continuous improvement of technology comes the rise of telemedicine. You have probably heard about telemedicine, but what exactly is telemedicine? It is the remote diagnosis or treatment of a patient through technology or telecommunication. Telemedicine is a very convenient and effective way to receive treatment for a variety of illnesses as you might… Read more »