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5 Signs Your Cat is Suffering from Anxiety

Cats, like many other pets, sometimes exhibit behavioral problems if their home environment is unsuitable. This can happen for many reasons. Your elderly cat might be unhappy because you bought a new kitten home or perhaps you recently moved to a new house and your cat feels unsettled and stressed. Small children can also upset… Read more »

Widsdom Panel 3.0 is Revolutionizing Dog DNA Screening

Mars Veterinary, the industry leader in DNA canine breed testing, is releasing a break-through DNA test called Wisdom Panel® 3.0. The test expands breed screening coverage on DNA tests and builds upon medical applications of such screenings. In addition, Wisdom Panel 3.0 intensifies the new MDR1 Genetic Mutation screening – a mutation medically titled Multi-Drug… Read more »

5 Tips for Managing Your Pet’s Allergies

You love your pet, which is why you get worried when he or she displays allergy symptoms. Thankfully you can do a lot to assuage the discomfort and get your pet feeling back to normal. Read on to find out how. Connect With the Vet While a number of solutions exist for pet owners to… Read more »

Pets with the Hottest Owners

Dog isn’t just a man’s best friend. These hot female celebs’ best friends happen to be their adorable pets. And dogs aren’t the only furry friends they have. Olivia Benson & Meredith Grey Owner: Taylor Swift Taylor Swift is one of the hottest celebrities right now. At 24-year-old, she is beyond beautiful and is also… Read more »

July 28, 2015

Breaking News: Tail-Wagging Unveils Secret Mysteries of Dog

In an earth-shattering new study, scientists broke through new ground on the sophisticated study of tail wagging. This perplexing phenomenon has weighed heavy in the hearts of millions of dogthusiasts who feel a burning sensation to know more about their snugglepups. Behold the emotional complexities of dog.

November 6, 2013

A Compilation of Some of the Cutest Dog Pictures Ever

  Sure, I like cats, but a lot of times they’re…well… Dogs are forever my thing, and I don’t feel like there are enough pups on the internet. So here are some of the cutest dog pictures I could  find: Let’s start with “mean” “scary” pitbulls Now Spuds McKenzie on drums Check out this guy… Read more »

August 29, 2013