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The True Value of Unwanted Holiday Gift Cards

If you’re anything like me, you probably ended your holidays with a gift card or two. You should be delighted! We’re talking about free money here, my friend. So while you may not yet understand the value of the Applebee’s card you received from the cousins you seldom see, I’m here to tell you you’re… Read more »

5 Observations of a Pissed Off Driver

I swear I don’t have an anger problem, okay, I lied, maybe I do. It mostly comes out when I drive, and I go from calm and collected to bat out of hell as soon as someone cuts me off then slams on their breaks. It’s hard to be zen when you’re surrounded by idiots,… Read more »

How to Embarrass Yourself at a Wedding

What transpires throughout this picturesque legal contract of love will surely live on as the best day in the lives of two people, but another glass of champagne has you thinking, Why not three? In order to thoroughly embarrass yourself, garnering the brand of shame close friends and relatives will reference for years to come,… Read more »