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The Craziest Foods at State Fairs

You can always fan the craziest foods at your nearest fair. Every year, new items come out that are crazier than the year before. Each fair offers a variety of fried and chocolate covered goodness. Check out these insane foods served up at fairs across the country. Deep-Fried Sweet Tea It is true; you can… Read more »

You Only Need $12 Million for That McLaren

It is every car lover’s dream. The McLaren F1 will be auctioned off in August at the Monterey 2015 Classic Car Auctions in California. The 1998, bright orange, three-seater is one of the coolest cars out there. So how much is the supercar expected to go for? Oh, just $12 million dollars. Car lovers from… Read more »

8 of the luckiest, closest shaves ever

There are some people in this world who might tell you some sort of Guardian Angel is watching over them and after hearing their stories, you might just agree. Whether you partake in some dangerous extreme sports or are just a little accident-prone, these are the people you need to find and pat on the… Read more »