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The Most Useless Controversies of 2013

2013 was filled with some of the most shocking revelations in history, we found out that the National Security Agency has secretly been monitoring our phones, email, and social media accounts. The Obamacare website was inoperable for months after it’s launch, and the government shut down for two weeks costing U.S.  taxpayers 2 billion dollars…. Read more »

10 Things I Would Rather See at Coachella 2013

1. Mick Jagger Breaking His Hip 2. Postal Service Reunion Decides to go dubstep 3. Mary Kate and Ashley debut their new grindcore band 4. Wu Tang Clan talk about the importance of gender equality and animal rights 5. Sigur Ros causing mass breakouts of sobbing , kills “Coachella chillwave buzz” 6. Grimes making contact… Read more »

Wait…Is Emo Still a Thing?

Do you remember the dismal time when it was cool to have a sweet side part,  ironic t-shirts, gauged ears, and liking sad white boy music? To be honest,  I thought this trend died years ago, since it seems like all the scene queens finally put down their rubber bracelets, and moved on to the next subculture…. Read more »

Hipster Linguistics

As the age of technology continues to consume every aspect of our lives, we have come  long way in terms of texting, typing, and anything that doesn’t involve an actual pen and paper. Spell check has taken the population of Ppl wHo TxT lik tHis, and turned them into the equivalent of sixth grade C-students, quite the… Read more »