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Dating During COVID

Along with all the other social activities we used to take for granted before March, dating has been greatly impacted by the pandemic. You can’t go to bars, restaurants, or coffee shops. Or, even if you can, you probably have to wear a mask or deal with social distancing restrictions.  At the beginning, especially, it… Read more »

October 9, 2020

Grocery buying guide: How can you save money on groceries

Groceries are a prime need for every individual, and everyone wants to buy proper items at a very affordable price. Many shops and supermarts are present in the market which provides groceries and offer excellent value and discounts. But are they value for money deals? I think no as you do not save much here…. Read more »

June 18, 2020

7 Elements to understand for an effective narrative

  Writing a compelling narrative is not that easy. There are many elements that one must carefully put out to come up with an attractive description finally. In this era, where people have access to multiple sources to read and gain entertainment, to gain the attention of many people, it requires sincere efforts and hard… Read more »

The 5 Items You Need in Your Wardrobe

Whether you own a business or work at a coffee shop, there are a few staples that belong in everyone’s closet. Here are the five perfect items for your wardrobe. Something Sleek and Black There are plenty of black dresses for women and out there is the perfect little black dress for you. This is… Read more »

April 28, 2020

5 Most Popular Trading Card Games in 2020

Despite being around for centuries, card games remain a beloved pastime of countless people around the world. Whether it’s a round of Uno among friends or an online Hearthstone tournament, the simple concept of rectangular symbolic papers is something we can’t seem to get enough of. That probably explains some of the reasons why there… Read more »

April 22, 2020