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How to Support a Healthy Bladder

No one likes to talk about bladder control, but a person’s bladder is, nonetheless, a crucial part of their well-being. Not only that, but urinary incontinence is surprisingly common among adults in the United States. In fact, according to the CDC, over half of older adults deal with some level of loss of bladder control…. Read more »

How To Make It In Your Field

Making it in your field take a blend of confidence, know-how, and just a pinch of luck. The most successful of us know how to leverage great opportunities in order to tackle an even larger set of options and achievements, so learning from those who have already stepped into the limelight is a great place… Read more »

Hot Drinks: Your Smile’s Sworn Enemy

Hot drinks are incredibly popular these days. From plain coffee and teas to hot chocolate, lattes, and spiced cider, millions of people use these types of beverages to help them wake up in the mornings or wind down after a long day. They’re often the go-to comfort beverages to lift our spirits and warm up… Read more »

July 17, 2021

Motherly Love: Why Some Men Love Pregnant Porn

Pregnancy porn and lactation fetishes are totally a thing. We want to know why.  Pregnant women glow. A widely held opinion, most people are much more favorable to pregnant women than they are to some others, and not just in a sexual way. They allow them to cut in bathroom lines, offer them a seat… Read more »

June 30, 2021

The Hollywood Reporter Announces Whoopi Goldberg Will Join John Lasseter’s Recent Skydance Project “Luck”

The Hollywood Reporter recently ran a story reporting that Whoopi Goldberg will co-star with Jane Fonda to voice the role of The Captain in the Skydance Animation feature Luck, produced by John Lasseter, set to be released on Apple+ TV in February 2022. Advanced press from Skydance Animation reveals that the plotline of Luck tells… Read more »

What is The Forrester Wave report?

The Forrester Wave is a streaming analytics report that’s compiled on a quarterly basis by Forrester Research. Streaming analytics, sometimes called event stream processing, is the modern solution to big data processing and analysis. When organizations relied on small data sets, the legacy request/response architecture served well enough. This issue with using this now is… Read more »