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Pawel Kuczynski’s Uncomfortably Relevant Cartoons

Polish cartoonist, Pawel Kuczynski isn’t trying to hide his opinions on politics, social, media, capitalism, corruption, and other hot button issues. His illustrations drum up images of surrealists like Rene Magritte and Max Ernst, while being extremely modern and relevant. Take a look at a few of his works below, you can also check out… Read more »

December 16, 2013

Breaking News: Tail-Wagging Unveils Secret Mysteries of Dog

In an earth-shattering new study, scientists broke through new ground on the sophisticated study of tail wagging. This perplexing phenomenon has weighed heavy in the hearts of millions of dogthusiasts who feel a burning sensation to know more about their snugglepups. Behold the emotional complexities of dog.

November 6, 2013

BUT WHY: Star Trek Edition

My interest in Star Trek has been pretty fickle: as soon as I got the fire burning the first time I was quickly enamored with Dr. Who (yeah it sucks now, I know). After a few other runs of sci-fi shows and incessant comic book reading, I have come back to Star Trek like eating… Read more »

A Compilation of Some of the Cutest Dog Pictures Ever

  Sure, I like cats, but a lot of times they’re…well… Dogs are forever my thing, and I don’t feel like there are enough pups on the internet. So here are some of the cutest dog pictures I could  find: Let’s start with “mean” “scary” pitbulls Now Spuds McKenzie on drums Check out this guy… Read more »

August 29, 2013

The Worst/Best Juggalo Video Ever

Here is probably the best Juggalo video to come into existence, taken outside of the Marquee Theater in Arizona a few years ago. It’s only got about 6,000 views–and I know 100 of those have to be from me showing every new person I meet

JG Ballard’s Eerily Accurate Prediction of Social Media in ‘77

Social media and this whole idea of making a spectacle out of the mundane is not new, it was actually an idea being tossed around in 1977 by sci-fi author JG Ballard. You probably know him as the guy that wrote books such as Crash (later adapted into a film with the help of David Cronenberg), The Atrocity Exhibition, and Empire of the Sun.