What Are the Capabilities of a Smart Home?

Smart homes are getting more widespread, and the technologies they use continue to make our lives easier. We can now use voice commands from our seats to turn on our smart TV, go on the internet and even start playing slot games online: smart home systems have amazing capabilities, and their capacity continues to increase day by day. So, if you want to use home automation technologies, what should you expect? So, how can this technology help you and make your life easier?

Remote Access Capabilities

The most advantageous aspect of smart home technologies is that you don’t have to be at home to use them. Many items in your home can now be connected to the Internet, and even household appliances such as refrigerators, washing machines and dishwashers can be part of a Wi-Fi network. Smart homes have a “hub” that enables remote control of every item that can be connected to this network. This hub can also control things that cannot be connected to the internet (e.g. your curtains and lights).

When you connect to this hub remotely, you have control over almost everything in your house/apartment. So you are not connecting to your washing machine but to the software that can control it. Likewise, it is possible to remotely control everything that this software can control. By using the hub’s mobile application, you can turn your lights on and off, see which foods are missing in your refrigerator and let your washing machine run.

Moreover, you don’t have to do this one by one every time. The hub can do all these tasks automatically at predetermined time intervals. Imagine coming home from work at 6 p.m.: the hub can turn on your air conditioner at 5 o’clock and turn on the curtains and lights just 10 seconds before you enter the house. In other words, you can do the things that you can only do at home without being at home and even automate them.

Advanced Security

Smart homes can also be connected to a number of camera systems, allowing you to monitor both inside and outside the house in real time 24/7. So you can see what’s happening in your home (and outside) at any moment. But it’s not just a simple online camera system: smart homes can be set to record only when motion is detected or send a special alert when the camera detects something specific.

If you predefine the people you let into your home, smart homes can tell the difference between them and strangers. Imagine someone knocking on your door: if the person in the camera image is recognized by the system, you will only receive a notification. However, if he/she is not recognized, a warning will be sent, and the image of the person at the door will be added to this warning. Now you can easily find out what time you are being visited by whom.

What’s more, your smart home can also be set to automatically call for emergency assistance when it detects an unauthorized intruder. If a burglar breaks into your home, your house can turn off the lights, lock the doors and call the police. It is also possible to customize all these features for your own specific needs. For example, you can activate only the cameras when you are in and the intruder defence features when you are out.

Entertainment & Music

We have talked about how smart homes can make your life easier, but they can also entertain you. Smart home hubs can be connected directly to video and audio systems. But they offer more than just a central control point. We mentioned above that this software can be connected to almost any item that is part of your home. This also applies to your screens and speakers in different rooms. If you move to a different room while listening to music and there are speakers in that room, you start listening to the music from them. Your smart home system can also provide you with a literally “surround” experience, using all the speakers in your home. Smart home devices developed by Google and Amazon that work with voice commands have this feature, and you do not even have to press buttons. They can constantly follow you and direct sounds and images to your room.

Voice Commands

One of the most useful features of smart home technologies is that you don’t need a remote control to take advantage of what they offer. So, you no longer need to be afraid of losing the remote. When you are not at home, you can give your commands via a mobile app. And while at home, you can only use your voice –  there is no need to press any buttons. Imagine calling mom while in a room and being able to start talking to her within seconds. You don’t have to get up from where you sit or use your phone. The smart home system allows you to have a completely hands-free call.

What’s more, you can do this for anything. Imagine being able to turn on your lights, close your curtains and open Netflix using just your voice. The advantages of this exciting technology vary according to the capabilities of the software you buy, but in any case, you can be sure that it will make your life easier and more enjoyable.