Top 5 Types of Windows

If you are looking to add natural light into your home, or are building your house from scratch, windows are a big consideration. 

Before you start exploring different styles, you do not realize how many types of window are available and understanding what the best options for your home might be is very difficult. 

To help you with your planning, we have collated this helpful guide to the top types of windows you might be interested in. 

Once you have made your decision, or if you want to get more advice on the right windows for your space, head on over to to speak to the experts. 

Sash Windows 

A popular window choice is the sash. These windows are often portrayed in romcoms, with romantic gestures leading to someone climbing in or out of the window to confess their undying love. 

In reality, sash windows are great for adding value to the property, as they are seen as a desirable asset. Invented in the 17th century, they have additional weather stripping making them a slightly more energy efficient option for homeowners – especially when they are also double glazed. 

One downside is that sash windows do not always provide as much ventilation and air flow as other options. The window panes either slide up or down, but only up to halfway. 

Sky Lights 

Sky lights are a common choice for those looking to expand into the loft space for extra room. These windows completely flood the space with natural light and bring air and freshness into a room that typically would not have any. 

They can be opened pretty wide, meaning they are great for ventilation, but do require more maintenance than standard windows as they are often difficult to reach and will be largely exposed to all weather conditions and falling debris.  

Bay Windows

Bay windows add a beautifully traditional style to the home and provide additional functional space. They usually have a hexagonal or curved frame to form an arch – leaving you plenty of windowsill for flowers and ornaments. 

Bay windows also provide wonderful panoramic views of the outdoors, making them perfect for those living in the countryside. 

Turn & Tilt Windows 

These types of windows are incredibly practical, as they can be opened from the bottom or side to suit your needs. Tilt and turn windows do not require much maintenance and as they open inwards, they are pretty safe for family homes. Unfortunately, this inward mechanism does mean they may potentially take up space in the room – something worth considering if your home already feels quite small. 

Picture Windows 

Picture windows do not open, but do provide a beautiful, frameless design that can create the perfect landscape viewing spot to appreciate your surroundings. 

They have a modern, clean and sleek style that brings in the maximum amount of light possible. They can be pretty much any shape or size, making them ideal for bringing natural light into small spaces. 

The downside of course is that as they do not open, so they cannot provide any ventilation. So, your property will require other types of windows to compliment it. 

There are so many more window options that we have not mentioned! Check your favorite Instagram accounts or Pinterest and pay extra attention to the types of windows you like.