How Well Do You Know Your Partner?

Everyone likes to think that they know their partner inside out, but how well do we really know each other? Even when it comes to things like Christmas and Birthday presents, few of us rarely get it spot on and if we do, it’s probably because there has been some kind of conversation or hint dropped that would make it extremely hard for us to get it wrong. So, if we can’t even get Birthday or Christmas present right, how on earth are we supposed to know our partners intimate needs unless there is some kind of conversation a massive hint.

Talking is healthy

As the old advert cliché goes, “It’s good to talk”, and in actual fact, it’s better than ‘good to talk’, it’s imperative for a healthy relationship. The trouble is, not everyone feels comfortable about discussing their inner most desires or ‘secrets’ with anyone, some turn to online retailers like the Secrets Shop so that they can pleasure themselves in ‘secret’.

For some people it just isn’t something that is natural to talk about. Ironic really, isn’t it considering that sex is probably one of the most natural subjects that one could think about, we all have needs and talking about them with our partners opens up a whole new world of intimacy, the longer it is put off the harder it becomes, or not. 

Everyone is different

This couldn’t be any truer, and such an important thing to remember when thinking about sex and intimacy. What turns one person on could well turn another off entirely, some people don’t even know what turns them on, they might be able to tell you what they in terms of looks of a person but have never really experimented enough to find out what really gets them going.

Respect that everyone is different anyone you meet, if you are in a long-term relationship, then hopefully you already know the answer, if you don’t maybe it’s time to find out. You could try watching some online videos together, you might find this blog useful to read for starters.  

If you are single and don’t know the answer, then, again, perhaps it’s time to find out, there is nothing wrong with learning about yourself so that you can let future partners know where the sweet spot is in terms of turning you on.

Is it too early to mention toys?

Understanding that everyone is different and that some people may not know what turns them on to the fullest, helps us keep an open mind, before you get stuck in though, read this information about sex and covid, remember to be safe! 

Even if you think you know what gets you going, you won’t really know unless you experiment which brings us on to the subject of shops for adults designed to help us with our intimate experimentations. It doesn’t need to be a hush hush subject, let’s start with things like underwear, we don’t have to be talking blow up dolls and rodeo machines with all sorts of changeable attachments. What you start with can be as reserved, or as radical as you like, the great thing is, the choice is yours!