Celebrating a Weekend in Las Vegas

Heading to Las Vegas for a weekend of fun? There are plenty of things to do and ways to have a good time in Sin City.

It doesn’t matter if you are celebrating a birthday, a wedding, or just celebrating life, Las Vegas is home to the world’s greatest nightlife. And there is plenty to do during the day as well!

The Strip

When going to Las Vegas, you should always look into staying on the Strip, since that is where all the action is. From shopping to fine dining to the hottest clubs, everything is conveniently located on the Strip, all walking distance from each other!

The Pools

Looking to grab a tan while drinking fabulous cocktails? Las Vegas has some of the best party pools around. Not only can you enjoy your favorite drink, but you can also smoke your Marlboro cigarettes. In fact, most places in Vegas are smoke-friendly. That is the beauty of the city, you can drink, smoke, and enjoy yourself no matter where you are!

Mandalay Bay has one of the most famous pools, complete with a wave pool and lazy river. But there are plenty of other spots on the Strip because pretty much every luxury hotel in Las Vegas has a pool.

The Clubs

After lounging by the pool all day, get fancy, grab some dinner, and head to one of the city’s top clubs. Just like when it comes to pools, every high-end hotel on the Strip is home to a club. Book ahead for table service so that you are the center of attention.

The Venetian’s Tao Nightclub is known across the world and often has celebrity sightings.

The Shows

If you are looking to just kick back and enjoy some entrainment, Las Vegas is the right city for you. From concerts to extravagant shows including magic shows, every night there are a handful of shows to choose from. Each hotel has its own headlining act.

Or you can venture out and visit all of the museums and exhibits like the Neon Museum, which is a hidden gem in the city.

The Gambling

Of course, you can’t have a weekend in Vegas without gambling! It is the city that never sleeps, so you can literally gamble any time of day or night that you want. Casinos never close, so you can even venture from one casino to another to try out different games.

Most casinos have the same options when it comes to card games, but if you are looking for different types of slot machines, each casino seems to have a handful of its own.

Not only do you get to enjoy the different casino games, when you wander around the casinos, but you also get to enjoy each one! Every casino has its own theme like Paris has a Paris theme and the Venetian has an Italian theme.

Las Vegas is a lot of fun and you can easily enjoy everything it has to offer if you plan your vacation right!

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