An Insight into’s China Logistics; Partnership with the European Pallet Association e.V (EPAL)

Strategic business partnerships are arguably the greatest contributors to the growth and expansion of many business operations worldwide. They help businesses, companies, and organizations to get the support of industry experts. Moreover, business partnerships play a critical role in helping companies to provide better services to their clients worldwide. The above notion is confirmed by the recent strategic partnership that was formed by JD Logistics and the European Pallet Association e.V (EPAL).

With a great passion for promoting the growth of China logistics industry, JD Logistics strategized to work with the European Pallet Association. The two logistics companies formed a business partnership that will see JD Logistics being the first entity to be allowed to utilize EPAL’s shipping pallets. Moreover, the strategic partnership will allow JD Logistics to benefit from the improved services provided to every customer in China and globally. From now henceforth, EPAL will promote the extensive distribution of EPAL’s pallets to businesses and other partners all over China. The process will be facilitated by maximizing the JD’s Cloud Box platform that has an excellent track record in promoting successful transactions between a company and its customers.

Interestingly, JD Cloud Box serves as JD Logistics’ business platform. It is highly recognized to be a self-developed platform that facilitates safe and secure transactions between the parties involved. The excellent track record maintained by JD Cloud Box is projected to facilitate the continuous provision of repair and leasing business services. Besides, JD Cloud Box’s platform is projected to promote timely access to transactional information. It will help JD logistics to get accurate data relating to the distributed EPAL pallets all over China. By doing this, JD Logistics will enjoy the benefits resulting from the improved efficiency of the circulated pallets in China.

Besides accessing real-time transaction data, JD Logistics is expected to enjoy a myriad of benefits from its partnership with EPAL. The company is expected to achieve its overall goal of promoting a sustainable supply chain business in China. Before the partnership, JD Logistics had developed accurate strategies geared towards improving its supply chain business. The company focused on leveraging time-tested strategies to improve its open trading platform that facilitate successful online transactions. The partnership has boosted the odds for JD Logistics’ commitment to promoting a thorough improvement of its supply chain system and China logistics industry at large.

Following a successful partnership deal, JD Logistics is projecting more growth and better services to its clients. The company will utilize EPAL’s products to ensure standardized logistics services within its platform. EPAL integrated a range of products and services with JD’s platform. The process will enable JD Logistics to enjoy optimal cross-border logistics business operations. In addition, the integration of EPAL’s products will promote JD to boost the quality and efficiency of services provided to clients in China and abroad.

Undoubtedly, the partnership deal between JD logistics and EPAL could not have been a success without the two companies’ business executives’ commitment. According to Jei Ji, the Head of JD Cloud Box, the partnership has increased the odd for China’s logistics industry to become the leading logistics sector in the world. Moreover, Jei Ji believes the partnership will go a long way in helping JD Logistics to promote the improvement of China’s supply chain ecosystem.