4 Signs You Need to Hire a Lawyer for Medical Malpractice

If you become sick or injured, you depend on medical professionals to supply you with the best possible care so you can return to full health. However, it’s not always a guarantee this is what will happen. 

Medical malpractice is more common than you may think. From a surgical error to a wrong diagnosis, it was reported back in 2012 that more than $3 billion in payouts were made to cover medical malpractice cases – with an average of a single payment every 43 minutes. 

Has your health deteriorated since being in the care of a medical provider? Has a loved one died while under their supervision? If so, you could be in line for a sizeable financial compensation package. 

To know for sure, here are four signs you need to hire a lawyer for medical malpractice. 

1. Treatment error 

If you received a clear error from your doctor during a procedure, surgery, or treatment, a lawyer that specializes in medical malpractice would help you to file a lawsuit. If a doctor doesn’t meet medical care standards, there’s going to be an increased risk of you suffering from pain, injury, mistreatment, or other complications. 

Errors that doctors can make include:

  • Performing a procedure on the incorrect body part
  • Damaging a blood vessel or organ during surgery
  • Using unsterilized instruments
  • Administrating the wrong amount of medication
  • Transfusions with incompatible or contaminated blood

2. Medical condition deteriorates 

When you receive medical care, you generally expect to experience some form of improvement – unless you’re suffering from a condition that’s deteriorating or ultimately fatal. 

If you’re not gaining the correct care, there’s every chance your health doesn’t improve as expected, and it may even worsen. This may be due to your doctor making an error. If the error has significantly impacted your life and caused severe pain, consult a lawyer for guidance on filing a case for medical malpractice. 

3. A different second opinion

When you are left displeased by your care, you must receive a second opinion from a medical professional. This is still the case if you have been seeing the same doctor on a long-term basis. 

By gaining a second opinion, there’s a chance of lowering the danger of misdiagnosis. Additionally, it can also prevent treatments that are ultimately ineffective and unnecessary. 

If the second opinion shows that your first doctor wasn’t doing their job properly, it’s time to consult a lawyer. This is a clear sign that your medical care hasn’t been at the level it should have been. Not to mention it indicates you also need to find better healthcare services in general. 

4. Issues with insurance

Are you having trouble with filing an insurance claim? Perhaps you’re not even getting through to an insurance provider? Whatever insurance-related issues you are facing, a medical malpractice lawyer can provide a solution. 

With a lawyer fighting your corner, an insurance company will be more inclined to cooperate with you. Your legal representation will also work hard to secure the payment you deserve from your insurance policy.