What’s Your SUV Style? 6 Tips to Help You Buy The Right One

SUVs are popular vehicles, and there are as many types of SUV as there are uses for them. There are many sizes, styles, models, and types of SUVs out there. This guide will provide the tips on what to ask yourself when picking one out.

1. Determine the size you need.

You may find yourself shocked by the choices and options when purchasing 2020 SUVs. SUVs come in a variety of sizes and seating options. Some come with third-row seating and others have the same amount of seating as a car. You’ll need to consider the size of your family, or if you will be hauling your pets. These uses will have the need for more seating. 

You’ll also want to give thought to what kind of things you need to carry around. That way you can get the seating you need in the size that you need. Seating alone won’t dictate your size as you can get higher seating options in smaller SUVs, as well as less seating in larger models. 

2. Consider your lifestyle

Will you be using your SVU on city streets alone? You may not want or need for your SUV to be 4WD. If you intend to take your SUV off-road or if you live in a snowy place, you’ll want the 4WD package. This remains true if you plan on towing large things with your SUV. You may think of other reasons that you need to have 4WD and this will impact the choice you make in which SUV to purchase. Also, think about the interior that you want and need. Do you have children that will demolish your interior or do you want a luxury package? 

3. Consider fuel efficiency.

The price of gas tends to fluctuate and is always on the rise. This can cause you to need to think about how fuel-efficient you need your SUV to be. You can find SUV that can get 30+ miles to the gallon, but if you would like a more fuel-efficient vehicle you may want to consider a hybrid to get the most bang for your buck.

4. Choose a dependable model.

Here you will need to do your research. No one wants to purchase a new SUV just to having it breaking down and needing repairs. You’ll find that some models are more dependable than others-make sure that you find a dependable SUV that will meet all of your needs. 

5. Are you looking for a crossover?

While a traditional SUV is built on a truck platform, a crossover is built on a car platform. This isn’t the only disparity between the two but it is a major difference. You can get a truck/SUV crossover that even has a truck bed, or there are van/SUV crossovers out there. As ell as subcompact SUV. Each of these crossovers has its own defining characteristics to suit the needs of many people.

6. Look into safety features.

Anytime you purchase a vehicle you’ll want to make sure that it has a good safety rating. You can do this research on your own or you can ask about the safety rating and features at the dealership. You can do this research easily online to make sure that you know what features you are looking for. You can even find SUVs that are rated the best for families.