What Type of Attorney do You Need?

Different types of attorneys specialize in different areas of law. Some attorneys mostly do the work outside of the courtroom, including preparing documents to comply with a process, negotiating deals, and advising clients on a legal problem, etc. Also, there are attorneys that present cases in litigations or court, protecting the clients best interest. Since there are different types of attorneys, we’ve created a list of a few common attorneys that may best suit your legal bind. 

Criminal Defense Attorney 

A criminal defense attorney serves as the defendant’s confidant and protector. Defense attorneys can either be court-appointed by the government or private attorneys hired by the defendant. Regardless, all defense attorneys provide valuable counsel to their clients from the time they are arrested, through the investigation, charging, arraignment and sentencing. The main goal of a defense attorney is to help you avoid conviction. However, if conviction cannot be avoided, the criminal defense attorney focus shifts from guilt vs. innocence to sentencing. The criminal defense attorney will do his/her best to mitigate the damage by either reducing bail, reducing charges, or reducing sentences. Some common types of criminal defense cases in California include DUI, drug possession, theft, etc. 

Tax Attorney 

A tax attorney is a type of lawyer that specializes in tax law. These professionals are uniquely equipped to handle all legal tax matters, including helping with unfiled returns, setting back taxes, halting wage garnishments, undoing property liens, and so much more. Tax attorneys have undergone years of training and education to go up against the IRS and other parties in the face of adverse tax actions. 

Family Attorney

A family law attorney generally handles legal matters between people with familial relationships. Individuals that may be represented by a family attorney include wives, husbands, children, grandparents, etc. These types of attorneys handle a wide array of legal cases, including premarital agreements, divorces, post-marital agreements, child support, child custody, adoption and more. However, divorce and legal separations are the most common cases family attorneys handle. If the issue cannot be resolved among the attorneys, it may be taken to a courtroom judge and he/she will typically issue the final order. 

Business Attorney 

A business attorney, also known as a corporate attorney, focuses his or her legal practice on issues related to business. These issues include tax compliance, merges, intellectual employment, employment contracts, transactions, etc. Also, business attorneys may settle employment disputes, business disputes and negotiations with individual or corporate entities. Some business attorneys focus their practice on small businesses or startups, while others may handle cases for large companies. 

Immigration Attorney 

Immigration attorneys typically assist people in applying for U.S. citizenship. In addition to this task, immigration attorneys can defend a person’s case and prevent someone from being deported to another country. Navigating immigration laws can be perplexing with the number of paperwork. If you miss out on one form or process, it will delay your changes of getting approved. An immigration attorney can help guide you through this process and ensure the best results. 

Employment Attorneys

Employers are responsible for maintaining specific labor laws and owe legal obligations to each employee. Employment attorneys are specialized legal teams that can handle your case from start to finish. If you are unsure of your claim, request a consultation from an employment attorney to help you determine what constitutes as unlawful behavior on your employer’s end. Employment attorneys make sure to hold employers liable and protect employees so they can recover.